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Hearty Italian Soups

Italian cooking is very difficult to pin down -- almost every city and town has its specialties, and there are regional trends too; the end result is a huge number of local cuisines rather than a single national cuisine. However, there are some dishes that you will find almost everywhere, and that are now standards among the many Italian communities scattered across the globe.

Hearty Soups

Adriana's Minestrone
An extraordinarily creamy minestrone from the Veneto.

A simple bean-and-sauerkraut soup from Trieste.

Minestra d'Aglio
A garlicky bread soup to clear the sinuses.

Minestra di Pane e Ribollita
Two of the best uses imaginable for day-old bread, and one soup that makes winter worth getting excited over.

Minestrone di Ceci
Minestrone is a thick vegetable soup. This variation, from Sardinia, uses chickpeas.

Minestrone al Pesto
A rich, summery Ligurian variation on Italy's signature soup.

A recipe based on Pellegrino Artusi's, with sobering thoughts on 19th century life.

Minestrone alla Milanese
A refreshing spring minestrone with peas and other garden delights.

Minestrone di Ceci
A creamy, hearty chickpea soup from the Abruzzo.

Minestrone al Pesto
A rich, summery Ligurian variation on Italy's signature soup.

Supa de Scigol
Milano's onion soup is much like what they make in France, but perhaps richer.

Zuppa di Primavera
Bits of pasta, in a spring-like vegetable-and-potato soup.

Other Hearty Minestroni and Zuppe
Classic Italian Dishes
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