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Classic Italian Poultry Dishes

Italian cooking is very difficult to pin down -- almost every city and town has its specialties, and there are regional trends too; the end result is a huge number of local cuisines rather than a single national cuisine. However, there are some dishes that you will find almost everywhere, and that are now standards among the many Italian communities scattered across the globe.

Gallo al Vino
Rooster in wine, a feast-day dish from the Italian side of Monte Bianco.

Pollastri alla Marengo
A simple, tasty version of Napoleon's classic recipe.

Pollo alla Cacciatora
Everybody has a recipe for Chicken Cacciatore, and they're all different. Here are two, one simple and the other more elaborate.

Pollo alla Cacciatora con Funghi
A tasty variation on a classic quickly cooked dish.

Pollo in Bianco
A simple creamed chicken that will be tremendously satisfying as part of a light lunch.

Pollo al Marsala
Marsala gives stewed chicken beautiful balance.

Vittorio's Pollo alla Griglia
Perfect barbacued chicken.

Pollo al Mattone
An old, possibly even Etruscan way of grilling a chicken.

Pollo fritto
Zesty fried chicken commonly served at Hanukkah.

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