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Pane: Bread


Bread Pizza with Black Olives: Pizza di Pane alle Olive Nere
A quick, tasty snack made by topping an open-faced focaccia; it's perfect in the evening with a beer too.
Difficulty: Easy

Being rubbed with garlic and drizzled with oil is one of the nicest things that can happen to sliced bread. Ideal for barbecues too!
Difficulty: Easy

Bruschetta with Garlic Cream: Bruschetta con Crema di Aglio
Something for the garlic lovers among us to enjoy!
Difficulty: Easy

Focacce and Calzoni
Wonders from the pizza oven.
Difficulty: Moderate to Intermediate

Easter Breads: Pani Pasquali
Savory Easter breads filled with salami, cheese, and other delights to bring joy to the home.
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Arguably the national dish, and certainly the best known abroad. Making the dough, topping suggestions, and links to many recipes.
Difficulty: Moderate to Intermediate

Sfingiuni, Sfincione, and Pizza Fritta alla Siciliana
Several recipes for a classic Sicilain treat.
Difficulty: Intermediate

Tasty snacks from Southern Italy.
Difficulty: Moderate

Other Breads

Apulian Focaccia: Focaccette Pugliesi
Focaccia stuffed with ricotta. A perfect snack!
Difficulty: Intermediate

Cheesy Easter Bread: Torta di Pasqua al Formaggio
This is actually a rich, cheesy bread, rather than a pie, and a delight with salami and a good zesty red wine.
Difficulty: Moderate

Cheesy Focaccia: Focaccia col Formaggio
Cheese-filled focaccia is a stunning treat.
Difficulty: Intermediate

Cornetti & Brioches!
What could be better for breakfast?
Difficulty: Advanced

A cheesy, egg-rich bread for Christmas and Easter, from the Marche.
Difficulty: Moderate

Easter Bread: Pane di Pasqua
A Neapolitan Easter bread with bell peppers, prosciutto, ham, and other goodies.
Difficulty: Intermediate

Easter Bread: Pane Pasquale
A simpler, but equally tasty Neapolitan Easter bread with salami and cheese.
Difficulty: Moderate

Focaccia with Onions: Focaccia con le Cipolle
Focaccia topped with onions, the traditional sendoff of the Ligurian sailor.
Difficulty: Moderate

Focaccia with Sage: Focaccia con la Salvia
A close cousin of the above, delicately flavored with sage.
Difficulty: Moderate

Puglia's dried bread rings are heavenly topped with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and hot peppers.
Difficulty: Moderate

Frozen-Dough Foccaccia
Quick & tasty -- excellent as an antipasto, and easy enough for children to make too.
Difficulty: Easy

Herb-laced Potato Bread: Pane di Patate alle Erbe
A rich, herby potato bread with hard-boiled eggs.
Difficulty: Moderate

Home-Baked Bread: Pane Casalingo
Home-baked bread: this isn't a holiday treat, but it is good!
Difficulty: Intermediate

Ligurian Focaccia: Focaccia Ligure
The basic recipe.
Difficulty: Moderate

A simple, delicious Tuscan bread salad.
Difficulty: Easy.

Pizza Rollup with Sausage and Pancetta: Pizza Sfogliata con Salsiccia e Pancetta
A sheet of dough, covered with sausage and pancetta, rolled up, coiled, and baked: Who could ask for more?
Difficulty: Moderate

A tasty savory Sicilian pie with tomatoes and Caciocavallo or Provolone cheese.

Sciovate Cunzate
Tomato-stuffed focaccia, a specialty of the town of Marsala.

Sfincione di San Giovanni
A classic Sicilain treat, topped with tomatoes and onions.
Difficulty: Intermediate

Stuart Borken's Focaccia
An excellent basic recipe for bakery-type focaccia, with a number of topping suggestions.
Difficulty: Moderate

Yogurt Raita with Hot Pepper Grissini
If you follow the recipe you'll obtain a zesty antipasto, crunchy bread sticks with a creamy, cheesy dip. Omit the peppers (and the dip) and you'll have Piemonte's classic bread sticks.
Difficulty: Moderate

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