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Cutlets, Braciole, Involtini and other Quick-cooking Dishes


The word braciola means different things in different parts of Italy. here it's a rich, flavorful meat roll stuffed with all sorts of things, from Trapani in Sicily.

Thin-sliced raw beef, seasoned with and cooked by a mix of lemon juice and olive oil. From Harry's Bar in Venice.
Difficulty: Easy

Florentine Steak: Bistecca alla Fiorentina
The classic porterhouse cut done over the coals is a rare treat.
Difficulty: Moderate

Kyle's Burgers
A burger is, well, a burger. However, they're very easy to jazz up, and here's what I do with them.
Difficulty: Easy

Milanese Cutlet: La Cotoletta alla Milanese
A breaded veal cutlet is simple, but can reach great heights.
Difficulty: Easy

Saltimbocca alla Romana
The classic Roman way of making cutlets, with sage and prosciutto.
Difficulty: Easy

Veal Francese
The classic recipe developed by Italian restaurateurs in the US in the early 1950s.
Difficulty: Moderate

Veal Saltimbocca
Leonard Bibbo uses veal rib chops for his saltimbooca, and completes them with a tasty wine sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Veal Parmigiana: La Cotoletta alla Bolognese 2:
What's known as Veal Parmigiana in the English-speaking world: Breaded, with cheese, tomato and prosciutto.
Difficulty: Moderate

Veal Pizzaiola: Carne alla Pizzaiola
Cutlets stewed in tomato sauce with oregano and capers -- had the Neapolitans not invented it, someone else would have had to.
Difficulty: Easy

Other Quick-cooking Dishes

Artusi's Milanese Cutlet: Artusi's Cotoletta alla Milanese
"Anyone can make a veal cutlet," says Artusi, who proposes a tasty variation.
Difficulty: Easy

Artusi's Bolognese Cutlet: Artusi's Cotoletta alla Bolognese
A breaded veal cutlet, graced with cheese and truffles.
Difficulty: Moderate

Asparagus Rollups: Involtini di Asparagi
Veal involtini with asparagus tips. Quick & tasty.
Difficulty: Easy

Artichoke Rollups: Involtini coi Carciofi
A tasty winter recipe, cutlets wrapped around sauteed artichokes.
Difficulty: Moderate

Bartola's Cutlets: Bracioline alla Bartola
Cutlets stewed in a vegetable sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Beef Filet Bismark Style: Filetto alla Bismarck
Beef filet, with an egg cracked over it. A fantastic combination!
Difficulty: Moderate

Beef Filet, Stuffed with Truffles: Filetti di Bue Ripiene al Tartufo
Beef filet stuffed with truffles and mozzarella.
Difficulty: Moderate

Cutlets in Sage: Arrostini alla Salvia
Cutlets gently sauteed in a sage sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Cutlets Palermo Style: Arrosto alla Palermitana
Cutlets dredged in seasoned breadcrumbs and grilled to perfection.
Difficulty: Moderate

Cutlets with Egg and Lemon Sauce
Another tasty variation on an old favorite.
Difficulty: Easy

Cutlets with Ham: Cotoletta col Prosciutto
Again a breaded veal cutlet, this time with prosciutto.
Difficulty: Moderate

Don's Steak Pizzaiola
A zesty use for eye round roast!
Difficulty: Easy

Farmwife's Cutlets: Bracioline alla Contadina
Cutlets seasoned with green olives, capers and anchovies, and gently stewed.
Difficulty: Easy

Farm Wife's Cutlets: Costolette alla Contadina
Veal chops with beans, from Lombardia.
Difficulty: Easy

Figgy Filet, or Filetto ai Fichi
Filet is a rich foil for all sorts of things, including figs. A voluptuous dish!
Difficulty: Easy

Filets in Orange Sauce: Filettini all'Arancia
Cultets, quickly pan-cooked and served with an orange sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Filet in Marsala Sauce: Filetto al Marsala
An extremely tasty filet!
Difficulty: Easy

Garnished Cutlets: Costolette Guarnite
Ada Boni's recipe for veal cutlets in a zesty tomato and bell pepper sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Grilled Rollups: Involtini Arrostiti
Delightfully refreshing Sicilian grilled involtini.
Difficulty: Easy

Home-Style Cutlets with Potatoes: Costolette alla Casalinga con Patate
Meat & Potatoes, Piemontese style.
Difficulty: Easy

Marinated Grilled Filet: Filetto Marinato alla Griglia
Beef filets marinated with chopped vegetables, and then grilled: Tasty!
Difficulty: Easy

Mexican Rollups: Messicane
Veal involtini with a nutmeg-laced pancetta filling to enjoy with polenta or risotto, with you significant other.
Difficulty: Moderate

Mediterranean Scaloppine: Scaloppine alla Mediterranea
A simple, zesty dish that obviously draws from the Neapolitan carne alla pizzaiola, though it is a little quicker to do and also has peppers.
Difficulty: Easy

Milanese Veal Rollups: Involtini di Vitello alla Milanese
Zesty involtini with a chicken liver and prosciutto filling will be a erfect pickup dish.
Difficulty: Easy

Rollups with Anchovies: Polpettine con le Acciughe
These are actually cutlets, wrapped around anchovy filets -- involtini, in short. A Lombard specialty that's quite nice when it's hot.
Difficulty: Easy

Rollups, Palermo Style: Braciole alla Palermitana
Involtini filled with pine nuts, raisins and cheese, and grilled.
Difficulty: Moderate

Saltimbocca alla GianLeonardo
Caught short one day, Leonard developed another saltimbocca variation, with a red wine and tomato based sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Scaloppine Primavera
Veal Scaloppini in a tasty, creamy zucchini-based primavera sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Scallops with Pomegranates: Fettine alla Melagrana
Cutlets, on a bed of shallots, delicately flavored with pomegranates.
Difficulty: Easy

Scallops with Marsala: Scaloppine al Marsala
Every trattoria in rome offers veal or chicken scallops cooked in a Marsala sauce -- Classic Roman Jewish cooking..
Difficulty: Easy

Sicilian Stuffed Cutlets: Bracioline Ripiene alla Siciliana
Zesty Sicilian stuffed veal cutlets -- quick, and perfect for the grill!
Difficulty: Moderate

Stuffed Cutlets: Bracioline Ripiene
Very tasty and quite traditional Tuscan stuffed veal cutlets.
Difficulty: Moderate

Torino-Style Steak: Bistecche alla Torinese
Steaks, served with white beans and a classic, zesty Piemontese sauce for meats.
Difficulty: Easy

Tournedos with Radicchio: Tournedos al Radicchio
Tasty beef filet topped with radicchio and cheese.
Difficulty: Easy

Valdostana Cutlets: Costolette alla Valdostana
Cutlets filled with cheese, breaded and fried.
Difficulty: Moderate

Veal Chops with Bell Peppers: Nodini di Vitello ai Peperoni
A tasty recipe for veal chops with a bell pepper sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Veal Cutlets with Bell Peppers: Costolette di Vitello coi Peperoni
Zesty cutlets sauteed, then cooked with peppers.
Difficulty: Easy

Veal Scallops with Lemon: Fesa di Vitello al Limone
Veal scaloppini in lemon sauce, and a variation with white wine too.
Difficulty: Easy

Winemaker's Cutlets: Braciole del Vinaio
Cutlets served on crusty bread with cheese, smothered with mushrooms.
Difficulty: Easy

Veal Piccata with Parsley: Piccata di Vitello al Prezzemolo
A Milanese dish made with veal cutlets (or scaloppini) & prosciutto in a zesty lemon-and-parsley sauce.
Difficulty: Easy

Veal Pockets Stuffed with Porcini: Portafogli di Vitello Con Porcini
Veal cutlets stuffed with porcini -- fare fit for the Gods.
Difficulty: Moderate

Veal Rollups: Involtini di Vitello
A zesty cheese-filled variation that will also work well with chicken or turkey.
Difficulty: Easy

Veal Scallops with Pecorino Cheese: Scaloppine al Pecorino Toscano
Veal scallops with a tasty, cheesy topping.
Difficulty: Easy

Veal Uccelletto Style: Vitello all'Uccelletto
Ligurian veal scallops, quickly cooked with wine and sage and (often) served with mushrooms.
Difficulty: Easy

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