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How To Select An Italian Pizzeria

A meal in an Italian Pizzeria can be wonderful -- or horrible.

Difficulty Level: Easy Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. There are two kinds of Pizzeria in Italy: Those with electric, and those with wood-fired ovens. You want the latter.
  2. Again, two kinds: those that cater to Italians, and those aimed at tourists.
  3. Both can be good, but the latter is a better bet because it usually depends upon repeat customers.
  4. Look at the pizzas the waiters are carrying. A good pizzeria's pizzas will be thin, overflow the plates a little, and be irregular -- not circular.
  5. They may be a little burned around the edges, but should not be too burned. No large charred spots.
  6. The topping should be abundant but not excessive (Italians often find American pizzas overtopped).
  7. Look at the customers. Are they enjoying their food or picking at it?
  8. Kids are the best indicators -- if they're all playing at the table rather than eating their food it's a bad sign.
  9. Passed muster? Go in and sit down!


  1. Don't be afraid to wander into a residential neighborhood far from the tourists, and pick a place full of families.

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