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Artichoke Recipes

On Site:
Mamme, for stuffing Artichokes!
  • Carciofi in Gratella
    If you're firing up your grill, artichokes work surprisingly well.
  • Carciofi Ripieni alla Menta
    Artichokes stuffed with bread crumbs and mint: Tasty and refreshing.
  • Carciofi Ripieni di Pancetta
    Pancetta's richness nicely compliments artichoke astringency.
  • Carciofi Secchi
    How to dry artichokes for when they're out of season.
  • Involtini coi Carciofi
    A tasty winter recipe, cutlets wrapped around sauteed artichokes.
  • Le Mamme Ripiene
    Artichokes stuffed with tasty veal or beef-based fillings.
  • Pan-Fried Artichokes
    Quick, tasty interlayered artichokes and breadcrumbs. Simple but worth getting excited over.
  • Baked Artichokes
    A zesty Sicilian recipe with a garlicky bread crumb-based filling.
  • Tuscan Artichokes, or Carciofata Toscana
    Potatoes and artichokes balance very well, and there are a number of ways to cook them up. My wife's grandmother simply boils them together in a pot. This Tuscan recipe for potatoes and artichokes is a little more elegant.
  • Tortino di Patate e Carciofi
    This potato and artichoke tart is fairly quick, easy, and also rather elegant. Elegant enough that Elisabetta and I took it to a potluck supper at a friend's, where it vanished.
  • Baked Artichokes with Potatoes, or Carciofi con Patate
    Potatoes and artichokes balance very well. If you bake your artichokes and potatoes, the result is a very elegant winter dish well suited to company.
Off site:
  • Artichokes
    Erica De Mane's take on them, with a number of recipes too.
  • In Search of Artichokes
    A delightfully whimsy account of exploring the Roman ghetto in search of the national Jewish dish.
  • Carciofi Alla Romana
    Rosemary learned how to love (and stuff) artichokes from the vendors in Rome's markets.
  • Italian-style stuffed Artichokes
    From Ditty's Sunday Supper.
  • Peggy's Artichoke Recipes
    A collection from About's home cooking guide, with lots of things including stuffed artichokes Moroccan and a Creole style (with prawns).
  • Dijon!
    A number of recipes that call for Dijon mustard, including Dijon-stuffed artichokes. Not Italian but interesting! From Foodwine.

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