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Bollito Misto alla Piemontese

A Note:

I wrote this article before I had begun to put recipes on individual pages, and when I did left this up unchanged. At that time content duplication on a website was not a problem. Now, however, search engines frown on one's having more than one copy of a given snippet of text on a site, be it a recipe or a news item.

I thank you for your patience and understanding, and here are the current versions of the recipes that were posted here:

Bollito Misto alla Piemontese: Preparing the meats
Bagnet Ross, a Tomatoey Red Sauce For Boiled Meats
Bagnet Vert, a Green Sauce For Boiled Meats Or Vegetables
The Poor Man's Sauce, Salsa del Pover'Om
Honey Mustard Sauce For Boiled Foods, Saosa 'd Avije
Mostarda, zesty candied fruit in syrup

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