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A Primavera, la Prima Comunione

San Frediano by night: Send this to a friend!Spring is a busy time for Italian families with children in elementary school; in addition to school and sports, many kids prepare for their First Communion, meeting with either a nun or their parish priest once or twice a week. The ceremony usually comes in May, when it has warmed enough to be pleasant, and after the service many families hold either lunches or receptions to celebrate the happy event.

Florence's Church of San Frediano does things a bit differently: In addition to hosting a parish, the church is associated with Florence's seminary, and after the service the seminarians invite everyone to Sunday dinner. They're good cooks, and the event was pleasant indeed.

The Menu:

Cold cuts, in this case prosciutto and salame. The link leads to general info, with recipes.

Olive in Salamoia
Olives cured in brine.

The traditional genovese specialty can be either in a pasta shell or without one. In this case they had one.

Penne alla Pomarola
Penne with tomato sauce, which is one of one of the cornerstones of Italian cuisine year round, and very fine over pasta during the summer. This particular version is Tuscan, and relatively long-cooking.

Fricassea di Pollastri
Stewed chicken with mushrooms in a delicate creamy sauce.

Filetto di Maiale in Crosta
Pork filet in an herb-laced bread crust is an astonishing delight.

Piselli al Prosciutto
Peas with prosciutto: A springtime classic.

Patate Fritte

Torta Claudia
A creamy layer cake laced with brandy or whatever you prefer. Ours was also dotted with strawberries.

All served with abundant bread, red wine, still & sparkling water, and bubbly to accompany the dessert.

A presto,
Kyle Phillips

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