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Antipasti, Starters, Salads... - Italian Food - About.com
Tuscan festive meals usually start with a mixture of antipasti, consisting of cold cuts, crostini, and generally something else, either pickles or cheese or perhaps ...
Fish Based Italian Antipasti - Italian Food - About.com
Fish plays a very important part in the Italian diet, and there are lots of tasty fish dishes with which to begin the meal! 38 Articles in: Fish Based Italian Antipasti ...
Italian vegetable-based antipasti - Italian Food - About.com
There's tremendous variety to Italian vegetable based antipasti; some are excellent at the beginning of a meal or to nibble on during a party, while others will ...
Antipasti Primer | Entertaining with Appetizers - DeLallo
Be inspired by the Italian tradition of great ingredients with our tasty recipes, kitchen how-tos, authentic Italian products and our line of Olives & Antipasti from  ...
Le Zuppe e Gli Antipasti - Italian Language - About.com
Italian Audio Phrasebook Vocabulary of essential terms by topic. Soups and Appetizers / Le Zuppe e Gli Antipasti Click to hear the highlighted word spoken by a ...
Grilled Vegetable Platter Recipe - Vegetarian Antipasti Recipes ...
This was meant to be a side dish for Sabbath dinner, but it became an antipasti appetizer as everyone ate it before Shabbat dinner was even served.
Meat-based Italian antipasti - Italian Food - About.com
Crostini, salami, prosciutto, ham dip ... An Italian meal wouldn't quite seem the same without antipasti! There's lots of variety to meat based antipasti, and some ...
Classic Italian Vegetable-Based Antipasti - Italian Food - About.com
Pinzimonio, salads, pickles, sottoli... There's tremendous variety to Italian vegetable based antipasti; some are excellent at the beginning of a meal or to nibble ...
Piemontese Antipasti, Sauces & More - Italian Food - About.com
Piemonte boasts an extraordinarily rich tradition of antipasti, both raw and cooked, and meat, fish, egg and cheese based. At a traditional meal they just keep ...
Starting the Meal - An Antipasto Misto - Italian Food - About.com
A festive Italian meal generally begins with a variety of appetizers, which are known as antipasti -- literally, before the meal. These antipasti vary considerably  ...
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