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German Potato Dumpling Recipe - Kartoffelkloesse Rezept
Potato Dumplings are a traditional German recipe. Round and firm, they are often served with roasted meats.
Czech Potato Dumplings Recipe
This recipe for Czech potato dumplings or bramborove knedliky ze studenych brambor calls for cold, unseasoned mashed potatoes.
Polish Drop Potato Dumplings (Kartoflane Kluski) Recipe
This recipe for Polish drop potato dumplings - kartoflane kluski - uses raw, grated potatoes instead of mashed potatoes as this potato dumpling recipe does.
Polish Silesian Potato Dumplings Recipe - Eastern European Food
This recipe for potato dumplings also known as kluski slaskie or galuszki, originated in Silesia, a region in Poland with parts of it in the Czech Republic and  ...
Polish Potato Dumplings Recipe from Gwizdaly Village - Recipe for ...
This Polish recipe for potato dumplings or pyzuchy gwizduchy are zeppelin shaped and are a specialty of Gwizdaly village.
Recipe for Polish Mashed Potato Dumplings or Kopytka
This recipe for Polish potato dumplings or kopytka ("little hooves") is made with cooked mashed potatoes, but not leftovers mashed potatoes that have previously  ...
Hungarian-Jewish Shlishkas Recipe - Potato Dumplings - Eastern ...
Hungarian-Jewish shlishkas (sometimes called shlishkes) are dumplings made with riced or grated cooked potatoes so similar to Italian potato dumplings, I call ...
Potato Finger Dumplings Recipe - Recipe for Polish Kartoflane ...
Potato Finger Dumplings or kartoflane kluski in Polish, can be eaten as a side dish with butter or as the main course when combined with caramelized onions ...
Hungarian / Slovak Potato Dumplings with Liptauer Cheese Recipe
This recipe for potato dumplings with sheep's milk cheese, preferably Liptauer, is known as dodole in Hungarian or strapacka in the northern part (Slovakia) of ...
Grated Polish Potato Dumplings (Pyzy) Recipe
This recipe for Polish potato dumplings or pyzy uses a combination of raw, grated potatoes, and cooked, mashed potatoes in the dough, as compared to kopytka, ...
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