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Orange Steak Tartare Recipe - Tartara All'Arancia - Italian Food
Though steak tartare is often associated with the French, it is also quite popular in Italy, where people often make it not with egg yolk, which poses a risk of ...
The Trattoria alla Palma's Steak Tartare - Italian Food - About.com
steak tartare in English, is finely chopped deftly seasoned raw beef, and though it is often associated with French bistros (in the 1921 edition of his Le Guide ...
The Trattoria alla Palma's Steak Tartare: Garnishing the Tartara
Steak Tartare benefits amazingly from garnishes, and well rinsed pickled capers are among the most popular. At the Trattoria alla Palma they also garnish with ...
Polish Steak Tartare (Befsztyk Tatarski) Recipe
This recipe for Polish steak tartare or befsztyk tatarski is from chef Marek (Mark) Widomski, founder and director of the Culinary Institute in Krakow.
Calories in Steak Tartare | Nutrition and Health Facts
Want to learn how to make Steak tartare? Get the best easy recipes for Steak tartare from Calorie Count.
Yuk Hwe (Korean Beef Tartare) - Korean Food - About.com
The easy, pretty, and delicious recipe for yuk hwe, also spelled in English as yukhoe, yukhae, yukke, or just Korean beef tartare.
Turkish-style Steak Tartar (ăiğ K÷fte) - Turkish Food - About.com
One of these dishes is called 'cig kofte' (CHEE kuf-TAY'), which simply translates as 'raw meatball.' Turkish chefs prefer to call this dish 'Turkish-style steak tartar.
The Trattoria alla Palma's Steak Tartare: Work in Some Olive Oil
Steak tartare requires some moisture or it will be unpleasantly dry. Some use egg yolk, but Italians tend to use olive oil, which I think a healthier alternative -- it's ...
Chopped Raw Beef Recipe - Carne Cruda, or All'Albese - Italian Food
Chopped beef, or Carne Cruda: In other parts of the world finely minced raw beef is called steak tartare, and they crack an egg into it. In Piemonte they don't, ...
The Trattoria alla Palma's Steak Tartare: Begin Chopping - Italian Food
It is much better to chop than to grind the meat for steak tartare.
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