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Chickpea and Garbanzo Recipes


About Chickpeas, and getting them ready to cook.

Classic Ligurian frugal peasant food, a polenta made from chickpea flour that will make a satisfying, simple meal.

Chickpea fritters people enjoy in the streets in Palermo -- both sweet and savory versions.

A Gibraltarian variation on Panissa, brought by Geneose sailors.

Pasta e Ceci
Pasta with chickpeas, a variation on pasta e fagioli, from the Marche.

Ciciri Ca Pasta
A Sicilian chickpea-and-pasta soup that's flavored with pancetta and tomato, and is an indispensable part of San Guiseppe celebrations (Saint Joseph's, March 19).

Maccu di San 'Gnuseppi
A rich Sicilian legume soup for San Giuseppe, and also a traditional way of clearing out the pantry at the beginning of spring.

Minestrone di Ceci
A creamy, hearty chickpea soup from the Abruzzo.

Lagane, Ceci e Baccalà
A Puglian soup in which chickpeas gain flavor from soaking with baccalà.

Minestra di Ceci con Zafferano
An unusual saffron laced soup with spinach to add contrasting green.

Minestra di Ceci e Finocchi
Chickpeas and fennel aren't a particularly obvious combination in a soup, but will work quite well.

Minestrone di Ceci
Minestrone is a thick vegetable soup. This variation, from Sardinia, uses chickpeas.

Ceci in Umido
Stewed chickpeas make an excellent accompaniment to a roast or stew, will also work well at a picnic or barbecue.

Ceci alla Pisana
Hearty chick peas with greens and anchovies: perfect in winter!

Insalata di Razza Con Ceci
A tasty fish salad made with ray.

Ceci e Tempia di Maiale
Chickpeas and pork temple (actually pork meat from throughout the head) is a Milanese dish from the days of the Spanish occupation -- in the 1600s.

Fried ravioli from the Gargano peninsula, made with a tasty, chocolaty chickpea filling.

Ceci in Zimino
Chick peas with greens, a vegetarian version of the more classic polpo (octopus) in zimino, from Clifford Wright. Looks tasty.

Sauteed Spinach and Chick Peas with Lemon and Thyme
A tasty pasta sauce.

Non-Stop New York's Italianissimo:
La Festa di San Giuseppe NYC-Style -- a collection of Italian-American holiday dishes including two versions of Cavazune, cookies with a chick pea based filling, Sfingi, and more.

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