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Starting the Meal: An Antipasto Misto


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Starting the Meal: An Antipasto Misto
An Antipasto Misto: Mushrooms, picklres, artichokes, dried tomatoes and more

An Antipasto Misto: Mushrooms, pickles, artichokes, dried tomatoes and more

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A festive Italian meal generally begins with a variety of appetizers, which are known as antipasti -- literally, before the meal. These antipasti vary considerably from place to place in Italy, but they will often include a selection of pickles and other firm vegetables, which are known as an antipasto misto. In this platter, prepared by the Trattoria il Borgo, a restaurant Franciacorta's Azienda Villa (a fine winery with excellent bubbly) has recently opened in Monticelli Brusati, not far from Brescia, we have Pickled Artichokes, Stewed Mushrooms, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Pickled Onions, and Giardiniera, a vegetable medley. In the next shots I have highlighted them one at a time, to help you recognize them.

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