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Starting the Meal: An Antipasto Misto


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Pomodori Secchi, Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Antipasto Misto: Pomodori Sott'Olio, Sun-dried tomatoes

Antipasto Misto: Pomodori Sott'Olio, Sun-dried tomatoes

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Sun-dried tomatoes are more of a southern thing in Italy, in part because the southern climate is more conducive to growing tomatoes, and in part because the tremendous volume of tomatoes produced in the south leads naturally to drying some of them. Southerners therefore do more with sun-dried tomatoes than northerners do -- they put them in pasta sauces, for example, or add them to dishes to provide flavor.

In the north, on the other hand, they're primarily used as antipasti, and are very nice to nibble on.

How To Make Sun-Dried Tomatoes

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