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Fresh Black Currant Liqueur Recipe

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Iwan writes, "This is my favourite home made liqueur:"

Yield: 1 bottle Currant Liqueur


  • 1/3 quart (1/3 liter) fresh black currants
  • Sugar
  • A cinnamon stick
  • 2 cloves
  • Vodka


"Put some fresh blackcurrants in a litre bottle until it is about one-third full. Each berry should have the skin pierced with a needle before inserting in the bottle. Do not wash the berries- they should still have their bloom of natural yeast on the skins. Then, using a funnel, cover the berries with sugar. How much is a matter of taste. Add a cinnamon stick and one or two cloves. Fill the bottle with any good quality clear spirit such as vodka. The spirit should be at least 40% by volume alcoholic strength. Seal and store in a warm cupboard for about three months. Good as an after dinner drink - and even better for making Kir.

"My brother swears by Limonaya made from Stolychnaya vodka in which you infuse the rinds of two unwaxed, organically grown lemons. Similar flavoured vodkas can be made with garlic cloves, and most spectacularly of all, chili peppers."

Note: This will also make an excellent gift.

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