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Baccalà and other Salted or Dried Fish

Baccalà is salted cod, while stockfish is dried cod, and both were once very common in Italy because they allowed those far from the coast to enjoy fish on the days the Church required it -- and at other times too because they were both tasty and inexpensive. Lots of tasty recipes!

Summery Grilled Baccalà Recipe - Baccalà Alla Griglia Estiva
Massa is a Tuscan coastal city, and therefore has always had access to fish. However, storms can keep the boats in port, and even when the catch was good there were people who couldn't afford the more prized fish. Baccalà, on the other hand, used to be quite cheap, and here is a tasty summer recipe for grilled baccalà Simple, too.

Roasted Baccalà with Bell Peppers - Roasted Baccalà with Bell Peppers
Italy is a maritime nation, but there are large sections inland where fresh fish isn't as easy to come by, and this was even truer in the past, when travel time was measured in days or weeks, intervals much too long for fresh fish. Salt fish, on the other hand, keeps very well, and this baccalà recipe is from the inland areas of the Abruzzo.

Stoccafisso all'Acquese
Stoccafisso is dried cod, and was once a mainstay of the inland Italian diet: It keeps very well, and was therefore one of the best options for Fridays and other days the Church forbade the consumption of meat, for example Lent. As an added bonus, it was inexpensive. This tasty Piemontese recipe combines stoccafisso and potatoes with olives for added flavor, and will be good as an antipasto or entree.

Baccalà and Potato Salad - Insalata di Baccalà e Patate
A baccalà and potato salad from the Veneto that will be nice when it's warm out -- in the past it would have been a summery dish, because that's when string beans are in season, but now, thanks to freezer bins, we can enjoy it year round.

Fried Baccalà on a Bed of Onions - Baccalà alla Trasteverina
I've gotten several requests for baccalà of late. Baccalà alla Trasteverina is a Roman recipe for fried baccalà served on a bed of onions. Quite tasty, and easy too. In short, perfect for winter, and a good recipe for Lent, though it will be nice any time.

Baccalà Mollicato, Baked Baccalà
An easy, tasty recipe for salt cod baked with stuffed peppers. A good dish for company.

Baccalà Vicentina Style -- Bacalà a la Visentina
Though baccalà generally means salted cod in Italy, the Veneti use the word to refer to dried cod, what is known as stoccafisso in standard Italian and stockfish in English. This said, Baccalà alla Vicentina is Vicenza's best known dish, a spectacular conversion of a tough, rather stringy fish into a creamy delight you may well find yourself...

Potatoes and Baccalà -- Patate e Baccalà
Potatoes and Baccalà, or Patate e Baccalà: Baccalà is salt cod sold by the slab, and it used to be one of the most common Friday meals inland, where obtaining fresh fish was a problem. Potatoes do an excellent job of supporting it in this recipe, which has a Sicilian feel to it.

Baccalà Sformato Certosina Style -- Sformato di Baccalà alla Certosina
Baccalà Sformato Certosina Style, or Sformato di Baccalà alla Certosina: This is an elegant recipe; you can, if you want, eliminate the garlic.

Fried Baccalà Recipe - Baccalà Indorato e Fritto
Fried Baccalà, or Baccalà Indorato e Fritto: Artusi, in discussing fried baccalà a century ago, warned his readers not to get too excited about it. Said readers were, however, well off; baccalà was instead a treat for those too poor to eat meat often (much of the Italian population until well after WWII), and was an important part of the...

Baccalà in White Sauce -- Baccalà in Salsa Bianca
Baccalà in White Sauce, or Baccalà in Salsa Bianca: This is surprisingly tasty!

Florentine style Baccalà -- Baccalà alla Fiorentina
Florentine style Baccalà, or Baccalà alla Fiorentina: This is one of the basic recipes for baccalà and has an enormous number of variations. Artusi omits the wine, others add a half a minced onion to the garlic, and still others fry the fish separately and drain it thoroughly, adding it to the sauce at the last minute. No matter how you make it,...

Boiled Baccalà -- Baccalà Bollito
Boiled Baccalà, or Baccalà Bollito: This is the simplest way to prepare baccalà.

Baccalà Fisherman's Style -- Baccalà All'Usanza dei Pescatori
Baccalà Fisherman's Style, or Baccalà All'Usanza dei Pescatori: Baccalà is salt cod, and consequently not native to Versilia, the coastal plain north of Pisa. However, it does figure prominently in the diet, in part because it used to be cheap enough that fishermen would eat it so they could sell more of their catch, and an part because it provided a handy alternative for days when the catch was insufficient.

Baccalà in Spicy Sauce - Baccalà in Salsa Piccante
In the past baccalà, salt cod, played an extremely significant role in rural diets, because it was one of the few kinds of fish available for Friday and the other days that the Church decreed meatless. We're fortunate that in addition to traveling and keeping well it's tasty; though it's a little firmer and saltier than fresh cod it's still...

Grilled Baccalà with Peppers -- Baccalà in Graticola con Peperoni
Baccalà in Graticola con Peperoni, or Grilled Baccalà with Peppers: Baccalà and peppers go quite nicely together in this recipe from the Abruzzo. Though it's traditionally done over the coals, you could also use a broiler.

Baccalà alla Vicentina & Baccalà alla Cappuccina
Simone Parkes wrote, "I have vague memories of a baccalà paste that was made with garlic and olive oil after the fish was poached in milk, I think it may have been from Venice? Have you heard of anything like this? From memory it was very yummy served with fried polenta." This sounds like baccalà alla vicentina, one of the classic recipes for...

Fried Baccalà -- Baccalà Fritto
Frying baccalà is simplicity in itself. Once you have soaked it...

Baccalà with Spinach -- Baccalà in Zimino
In Zimino is a Tuscan term that means cooked with greens; this is one of the recipes from my translation of Artusi that my editor and I decided to omit for want of space. Also, a quick way to grill baccalà.

Baccalà with Bell Peppers -- Baccalà coi Peperoni
Baccalà with peppers -- another recipe from Livorno.

Baccalà with Greens -- Baccalà con le Erbe
This baccalà with greens is based on Aldo Santini's Cucina Livornese, and will serve 4.

Baccalà with Mustard -- Baccalà alla Senape
Mustard is relatively uncommon in Italian cooking. This is based on a recipe presented by RAI, the Italian television service. It will serve 4.

Unexpected Delight from Salt Cod: Baccalà
Once (but no longer) the fish of the poor, it's tasty and extremely versatile.

Grandpa's Salt Cod
Zesty tomatoey baccalà baked with potatoes and olives: A nice option for Christmas Eve too. (In my review of the Buca di Beppo cookbook).

Pasta, Chickpeas, and Baccalà: Lagane, Ceci e Baccalà
A Puglian soup in which chickpeas gain flavor from soaking with baccalà, which serves as a second course.

Peppers Stuffed with Rice and Baccalà
The combination of bell peppers and fish is quite successful, and these will be perfect when it's hot.

Testaroli with Baccalà and Onions: Testaroli con Baccalà e Cipolle
Here testaroli serve as a bed for a tasty fish and onion dish.

Venetian Stockfish Dip: Mantecato alla Veneziana
A sensuous stockfish (or baccalà) paté that is a fine antipasto or dip, and also good in romantic situations.

Baccalà Natalizio
Baccalà natalizio. A tasty Baccala salad for Christmas eve, from la Lama Family Secrets. Also a recipe for smelt.

Baccalà Fisherman's Style - Baccalà All'Usanza dei Pescatori
Baccal Fisherman's Style, or Baccal All'Usanza dei Pescatori: Baccal is salt cod, and consequently not native to Versilia, the coastal plain...

Livornese-Style Salt Cod (Baccalà alla livornese)
Recipe for Livornese-Style Salt Cod in Tomato Sauce (Baccala alla livornese).

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