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Classic Italian Dishes:



Bread is one of the most variable of Italian foods: In different areas you'll find different flours or combinations of flours, some poeple use salt and others do not, some shape their breads into loaves, whereas others prefer rounds, wheels, or even crosses, some brush their bread with oil, some dry it... And that's just a beginning.

However, there are some breads you will find everywhere.

Being rubbed with garlic and drizzled with oil is one of the nicest things that can happen to sliced bread. Ideal for barbecues too!

La Focaccia Ligure
Focaccia is a flat, dimpled bread sprinkled with olive oil and salt, and though the Ligurians take credit for inventing it, the rest of Italy has happily adopted it.

La Piadina Romagnola
Romagna's flatbread is tasty to bite into, wonderful when spread with cheese, an excellent foil for cold cuts, and (when folded) perfect for containing all sorts of things, for example grilled sausages and onions. In other words, it's an excellent cookout bread. And it's easy to make!

Arguably the national dish, and certainly the best known abroad. Making the dough, topping suggestions, and links to many recipes.

Though you will find packets of commercially prepared grissini in almost every Italian restaurant, true grissini are a Piemontese specialty, bread sticks a yard long and as thick as a finger. This recipe yields a spicy variation.

Classic Italian Dishes

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