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Calabrian Cooking

Calabria, the toe of the boot, is a wild and rugged land; along the sea fishing villages cling to the rocks, and enjoy the freshest of fish, while inland are wild and craggy mountains that make farming difficult. Conditions are such that people learned early on how to preserve foods, and the region is especially known for its use of red pepper.
  1. Calabrian Antipsati (10)
  2. Calabrian Fish & Shellfish (4)
  3. Calabrian Meats (18)
  4. Calabrian Pasta, Soups... (5)
  5. Calabrian Sweets & Desserts (5)
  6. Calabrian Vegetables (6)

A Glossary of Calabrian Food Terminology
Many of the words are Italian as opposed to dialect, which means you'll find them useful no matter what part of the Peninsula you come to visit.

Calabria in the 50s
Notes on dining in an era long gone; they read like an anthropological text but are interesting. From Italian Bouquet, an Epicurean Tour of Italy, by Samuel Chamberlain.

Cuisine of the Sun
Sims Brannon on Calabrian Cuisine, which can be very good: Witness the frittata recipe with sausage, cheese and freshly cooked pasta.

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