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Calabrian Sweets & Desserts

Calabrian Sweets tend to be simple -- but very rich, and quite tasty.

Winding down with Calabrian sweets, Mr. Cavalcanti also gives a recipe for Cuccía, a pasty traditionally made for Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy, who is celebrated December 13). Cavalcanti quotes a Mr. Dorsa, who says Cuccía derives from Byzantine Greek. This would suggest the recipe is quite old...

Still on the subject of Calabria, Bobbi writes, "I've been looking frantically for a recipe for Genetti. My uncle used to make them for me years ago. When he passed away, so did the recipe. I can't find one anywhere. I believe it is a Calabrese recipe, but I could be wrong. It is a large round donut shaped cooked, hole in middle, glazed with sugar. Great for dunking or eating plain....

Majatiche ccu Meme 'I Ficu (Fritters with Fig Honey) and Mustazzuoli
A pair of tasty Calabrian treats, one a fritter and the other a fennel-laced cookie.

Panzerotti di Ricotta
Panzerotti di Ricotta are sweet Calabrian ravioli stuffed with a ricotta mixture and fried. Who could ask for more?

Stuffed Figs Calabrian Style, or Fichi Ripieni alla Calabrese
A summer delight! Though the recipe calls for cloves in the syrup, feel free to substitute them with either a piece of stick cinnamon or a vanilla bean. They'll keep for a few days in the fridge, but will begin to ferment if kept overlong.

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