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Fish Recipes

Italy has thousands of miles of coast line, and lakes and rivers too. Lots of ways to prepare a fish, everything from stuffing squid to roasting swordfish.
  1. Baccalà and Stockfish (31)
  2. Crustaceans (18)
  3. Fresh Fish: Filets... (76)
  4. Fresh Fish: The Basics (13)
  5. Fresh Whole Fish Recipes (71)
  6. Octopus, Calamari, Seppie (30)
  7. Shellfish Recipes (22)

How To Select A Fish and Estimate Its Cooking Time
These's nothing worse than overripe fish. Here's how to avoid it, and how to estimate how long you should cook what you buy.

La Galleria del Pesce: Photos from Italian Fish Markets
Photos from Italian fish markets, to help you decide what might work as a substitute if the Mediterranean fish aren't available where you live.

On Fish
Purchasing tips, cooking tecnhiques, and its role in the Italian diet.

How to roast a fish in salt, and serve it at table
One of the nicest ways to cook very fresh, top quality fish is in salt: the salt seals it, keeping the juices from escaping as it cooks, while the skin keeps the salt from penetrating the fish. The result is extraordinarily tasty and tender. Also, how to serve a large fish at table.

Baccalà is salt cod sold by the slab, and you might think it an unlikely food to get excited over. But you'd be wrong, because well-cooked baccalà is a delight: Firm, slightly chewy, and not at all fishy in flavor. But very good, and easy to prepare too.

Thinking about Brodetto:
Brodetto is the Riviera Romagnola's traditional fish stew, and as is true for all regional specialties, there are many local variations.

How to Boil Octopus so as to make it Tender -- Lessatura del Polpo per...
How to Boil Octopus so as to make it Tender, or Lessatura del Polpo per Ridurlo Tenero: Octopus is delightful, but it can be devilish to cook, going from soft and tender to rubbery and back as it sits in the pot; the trick is to either remove it before it goes rubbery or have the patience to wait until it passes through that phase. Here's a...

Pandora Roasted in Salt -- Pagello al Sale
Pandora Roasted in Salt, or Pagello al Sale: The first time I was ever served fish cooked this way, I was astonished at how tender and tasty it was. Italians also bake sea bass in salt, and indeed, that was what I was served. You could also prepare any other not-too-oily fish this way.

Grilled Fish -- Pesce alla Griglia
Grilled Fish, or Pesce alla Griglia: A good grill and a fine fish are a marriage made in heaven.

Boiled Fish -- Pesce Lesso
Boiled Fish, or Pesce Lesso: Boiled fish is easy to do and can be tremendously satisfying. Three pounds of boiled fish will serve four to six as a second course or two to four as a main course.

Baked Sea Bass in a Packet: Orata al Cartoccio
Sea Bass baked in a paper packet and opened at table. The technique works with any fish, and can be extraordinarily tasty (and romantic too).

On Baking Fish
A procedure more than a recipe, a good baked fish is one of the finest dishes you could want. And simple to do too.

Mixed Fried Fish
A Fritto Misto di Mare is tremendously refreshing.

Bisato Fritto, and instructions for frying fish
Bisato is Dalmatian for eel, and fried eel was one of the standard Christmas Eve dishes among the Italians who lived in the region. Gioia Colussi also gives excellent instructions for preparing all kinds of fish prior to frying (battering, breading and so on).

Bottarga: How to Salt Fish Roe and What to Do With It
Bottarga is salted, cured fish roe that is traditionally sliced thinly or ground and sprinkled on seafood pasta dishes. Bottarga's flavor is the essence of the sea: Fishy, but not in a bad way, and very briny from the salt. A little tossed in with spaghetti and clam sauce or sprinkled over fresh beans instantly transports you to the seaside.

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