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Rombo Chiodato: Turbot

Turbot in Guazzetto, or Rombo in Guazzetto


Rombo Chiodato: Turbot

Rombo Chiodato: Turbot

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Turbot is a flat fish, one of those that starts life swimming vertically through the water, but soon settles to the bottom, where it lies flat, and the eye and nostril that were on the downside migrate to the top side, while the mouth also changes to reflect the new way of life, and the top skin darkens, while the underside lightens. Turbot is classified as sinistral, in other words the eyes generally migrate to the left side though one can find turbots that are backwards.

The Italian name, Rombo chiodato, translates as nailed rombo, and refers to the presence of bumps that resemble nail heads on its upper side. It's a very tasty fish, and if you have one, you might try:

Turbot in Guazzetto, Rombo in Guazzetto

To serve 4:
A turbot weighing 3 1/3 pounds (1.5 k)
1 pound (500 g) plum tomatoes, quartered
A medium onion, finely sliced
A clove of garlic, crushed
A small bunch of parsley, minced
A 6-inch sprig of rosemary (1/2 tablespoon chopped leaves), or a few leaves of fresh sage, or both
A small hot pepper, crumbled
2/3 cup water
Extravirgin olive oil

Clean the fish, but don't skin it.

Take a roasting pan and spread 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil over it, together with the onion, garlic clove, and half the tomatoes. Lay the fish over the vegetables, season it with the rosemary and sage, sprinkle the water over it, and then the remaining tomatoes and the parsley. Cover the pan and cook the fish over a brisk flame for about 15 minutes, or until it is done.

Note: If you have shrimp shells handy, boil them in a little water to make a shrimp fumet, and use it instead of water as the liquid.

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