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Fish Based Risotti

Fish works very well in risotto. Especially shellfish, which becomes astonishingly delicate when paired with rice.

Alfonso's Risotto alla Marinara Recipe - A Rich Seafood Risotto
Risotto alla Marinara is, as you might guess, a seafood risotto. Alfonso Borrelli, who cooks at the Osteria L'Antica Quercia in Barberino Valdelsa, uses clam broth and anchovies to add seafoody richness to his risotto alla marinara, while the main ingredients accompanying the rice are moscardini, a tiny variety of octopus, and radicchio rosso, the red radicchio from the Veneto that confers pleasi…

Artusi's Black Risotto With Florentine-Style Cuttlefish
Artusi wrote his cookbook in 1890, and since he self-published he did things his way. A modern editor might object to the format, but the recipes, amply tested in his kitchen, work very well. Here we have Risotto with cuttlefish, their ink, and peas, a variation with tomato (no ink), and also cuttlefish and peas. You could also use squid.

Risotto with Squid and Tomato - Risotto ai Calamari con Pomodori
Though one can cook this risotto in one pot, I prefer to cook the squid separately to begin with because I have had them come out chewy when doing it all at once.

Yellow Risotto with Monkfish - Risotto Giallo alla Pescatrice
Monkfish is also known as the poor man's lobster, which gives an idea of how tasty it is. And here it is combined with saffron to make the perfect first course for a festive meal, say Christmas Eve.

Orange-Scented Shrimp Risotto - Risotto con Gamberi al Profumo di Arancia
The combination of oranges and shrimp is quite nice, and romantic too. A perfect Valentine's Day Risotto.

Risotto with Beans and Scampi, Risotto con Scampi e Fagioli
A simple risotto agli scampi can be very nice, and is indeed eminently suited to a romantic occasion. For example Valentine's Day. However, if it's a little cooler out, a few beans added to the scampi and rice make for an elegant dish that is also quite comforting. Perfect, for example, for Christmas Eve.

Misto Sugo: The Beginnings of Fish Sauce for Pasta or Rice
Yes, you find things like this in Italian fish markets too: a mixture of chopped and whole fish including salmon, prawns, squid, mussels, white fish, and (I expect) whatever else the fishmonger had on hand that wasn't bony. Preparation is simple...

Dentice Risotto, Risotto al Dentice
A flavorful risotto made with fish stock, fish trimmings, and -- at the end -- fish filets. A pretty dish well suited to company too.

Rimini's Fish Risotto - Risotto Riminese
Rimini is known for a very tasty, very simple fish risotto that's quick and easy to make.

Rice Pilaf with Catfish -- Riso Pilaf con Pesci Gatto
Rice Pilaf with Catfish, or Riso Pilaf con Pesci Gatto: In any area with a tremendous amount of water there will be catfish, and this is a tasty way to use them in a risotto; the recipe is from Ivano Remondini, of Castel D'Ario, in the bassa Veronese.

Risotto with Wedge Shells -- Risotto alle Telline
Risotto with Wedge Shells, or Risotto alle Telline: This is a simple risotto from Genova, in Liguria, which nicely combines the bounty of the sea with the richness of the mountains immediately inland.

Rice with Clams -- Riso con le Vongole
Rice with Clams, or Riso con le Vongole: Here's a simple recipe from Genova, in Liguria. To feed 6-8 you'll need:

Squid Ink, and Risotto al Nero di Seppie
Squid Ink, and Risotto al Nero di Seppie: This risotto is called black because it's made with the animal's ink, which made it look very much like gravelly tar. However, it's extremely delicate, with much of the delicacy coming from the ink, which imparts an evenness to the cuttlefish flavor of the risotto that would have been absent otherwise.

Risotto with Arselle Fisherman Style -- Risotto con Arselle Alla Pescatora
Risotto with Arselle Fisherman Style, or Risotto con Arselle Alla Pescatora: Arselle are tiny clams that live in the swash zone, and when I was a boy in the 60s, men with their pants legs rolled up would gather them by dragging a large strainer contraption through the sand of the shallows. Alas, like many other sea animals they've been overharvested and are nowhere near as common as they once were. In the absence of live arselle you'll want small live clams.

Risotto with Moscardini and Scampi -- Risotto con Moscardini e Scampi
Risotto with Moscardini and Scampi, or Risotto con Moscardini e Scampi: Moscardini are little octopuses, about 2 inches long. Scampi are large shrimp. This recipe is from Forte dei Marmi, one of the more exclusive resort towns of the Pianura della Versilia (north of Pisa).

Surf and Turf Risotto -- Risotto Mare e Monti
Surf and Turf Risotto, or Risotto Mare e Monti: The combination of seafood -- shellfish, usually -- and mushrooms is extremely tasty, and guaranteed to bring a smile.

Risotto with Gamberetti, small Shrimp -- Risotto coi Gamberetti
Elisabetta and I once had a terrible argument while we were making this -- many years ago. Neither of us remember what we were fighting over, but we both remember the risotto.

Risotto with Shrimp and Radicchio
Scampi and radicchio combine to make a delightful risotto.

Risotto con Peoci
Risotto with Mussels, a classic Recipe of State from the Venetian republic, from Clifford Wright.

Saffron Risotto Topped with Braised Fennel and Nuked Prawns
From Ditty's Sunday Supper: "A classic Sunday Supper. It takes about 1 hour of preparation. If you're accustomed to making risotto, this recipe is easy."

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