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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Carne Alla Tartara


Carne alla Tartara, at the Azienda Villa in Franciacorta

Carne alla Tartara, at the Azienda Villa in Franciacorta

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Carne alla tartara is, as one might guess, steak tartare, and though it is often served topped with a raw egg yolk abroad, Italians prefer to work a little olive oil into the meat, and this opens up many possibilities for the presentation. Here we have it on a bed of julienned vegetables, with a purple potato chip and a wafer-thin crisp of prosciutto.

I took this shot at a dinner held during Vinitaly by the Azienda Villa, whose Franciacorta (one of Italy's finest sparkling wines) is superb. While I was in Verona I also took photos in the kitchen of the Trattoria alla Palma, where they arrange lozenges of tartara like the petals of a flower, and I have just posted the procedure step-by-step and in a single page.

What to drink with Tartara? At Villa they of course served bubbly (a Franciacorta Brut), which worked quite well. In the absence of bubbly I would be tempted to serve a white, and Vernaccia di San Gimiggnano, which is rather powerful, might be a nice option. I have just posted a selection of the newly released 2011 wines, which you will find here.

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