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Almost Wordless Tuesday: Torta Rosa


Torta Rosa, Rose Cake: Enjoy!

Torta Rosa, Rose Cake: Enjoy!

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San Valentino is just a few days off, and as I noted in my last blog post it's time to start planning.

Sweets of course play a very important role, and while chocolate is rightly a major player, it isn't the only possibility.

Take this Torta Rosa, for example. Easy to make, pretty to look at, and very tasty. Versatile too; it's easy to adjust the flavorings to suit your taste at the moment.

Gotta have chocolate?

Baci di Cehrasco, Cherasco's Chocolate Kisses, are of course a good idea, especially if served alongside chocolate-coated candied citrus peels. However, if you want something mouthwateringly libidinous and are less worried about presentation, a chocolate ricotta crumble might be very nice.

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