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Millefoglie with Crema Chantilly

Prepared by Emma Agnoletti, in San Godenzo


Emma Agnoletti's Millefoglie with Crema Chantilly

Emma Agnoletti's Millefoglie with Crema Chantilly

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Millefoglie, thin layers of puff pastry dusted with powdered sugar and separated by some sort of airy cream, is one of the standard Italian restaurant desserts, and is also a very popular birthday cake.

As is the case with anything really popular, there are many interpretations on the theme. Emma Agnoletti chooses to privilege cream over pastry, and what a cream it was, thick layers of rich Chantilly made by folding whipped cream into crema pasticcera, while the sfoglia (puff pastry) was light, airy, and with just the right amount of crunch.

It looks very simple, but was quite harmonious, and I wished the portion were larger.
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