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Ingredients, Techniques, Tips, and Menus

Cooking is about ingredients, on the one hand, and technique on the other: Selecting the proper top quality ingredients is vital, as are knowing the techniques necessary to transform them into a tasty dish. Here you'll find all sorts of advice, tips, cookbook suggestions, menus and more.
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Know Your Ingredients
Italian Cooking calls for many ingredients, some of which you are probably familiar with, and others that you may not be. Here you'll find an alphabetical listing of articles dedicated to selecting, using, and storing Italian ingredients, from aceto (vinegar) through Formaggio Grana.

Classic Italian Dishes
Italian cooking is very difficult to pin down -- almost every city and town has its specialties, and there are regional trends too; the end result is a huge number of local cuisines rather than a single national cuisine. However, there are some dishes that you will find almost everywhere, and that are now standards among the many Italian...

About Ingredients
It's great to find something in your market, but even the vegetable or spice you think you know all about can reserve some surprises. Or so I've discovered.

Cooking Techniques
Ingredients are the key to the meal, but the techniques for preparing them are are also important. Here's a rundown of common Italian cooking techniques.

Preparations etc.
Italian cuisine, like many others, has many preparations that go into other dishes -- white sauce, for example, or flavored breadcrumbs. Here's a quick rundown of some of the most common ones.

Websites are wonderful, and tremendously versatile, but books have an atmosphere that monitors simply lack. Here you will find reviews of books I have liked and think you will too. Mostly food, but also wine, and some others.

Trends and Observations: Food
All sorts of observations on Italian food and how it is developing, from past issues of Cosa Bolle in Pentola, my Newsletter.

Top 10 Pasta Myths
Clearing up the top 10 myths about pasta and how to cook it.

Fresh Homemade Ricotta

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