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Cakes, Pies, Pastries, Biscotti and More

Italy has incredibly rich pastry traditons, from rich Sicilian cannoli and Cassata to the seductive orange-laced ricciarelli from Siena, and on to the elegant chocolatey wonders of the areas long under Austria. Something for everyone and every occasion!
  1. Biscotti Etc (82)
  2. Cakes (82)
  3. Cooked Fruit (33)
  4. Gelato and Sherbet (34)
  5. Pies and Tarts (63)
  6. Preserves etc (36)
  7. Spoon Desserts (96)
  8. Tasty Sweet Treats (82)

How To Make Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream, Illustrated
Step by step instructions for making crema pasticcera, or pastry cream, one of the basic ingredients used in Italian and French pastries and cakes.

Fabulous Fresh Fruit
You can make beautiful banquet decorations with fresh fruit, and come the close of the meal, they're a tasty dessert too!

Gelati and Sorbetti
Gelato and sherbet: Fantastic refreshers for the summer months, and wonderful comfort foods rear round.

Agnellini Pasquali: Sicilian Easter Marzipan Lambs
Agnellini Pasquali are a Sicilian tradition, lambs deftly sculpted from marzipan and then carefully painted. Beautiful to look at and a treat to nibble upon.

Neapolitan Lemon-Ricotta Carnival Cake (Migliaccio)
Traditional Carnival cake from Naples

Bacio Brownies (Brownies al Bacio)

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