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Meat Recipes

Like everything else, Italian meat recipes are quite varied, and you'll find something fit for every occasion, from a zesty cutlet or involtino through grilled chicken, and onto an elegant roast.
  1. Beef & Veal Braciole (56)
  2. Beef & Veal Involtini (14)
  3. Beef & Veal Roasts (27)
  4. Beef & Veal Stews (65)
  5. Bistecche! Italian Steaks (18)
  6. Boiled Meats (20)
  7. Chicken Legs & Breasts (29)
  8. Cured Meats (14)
  9. Fried Meats (15)
  10. Furred Game Etc (23)
  11. Italian Burgers, Spiedini... (15)
  12. Lamb and Kid (63)
  13. Meatballs & Meatloaves (29)
  14. Pork Recipes: Ribs... (40)
  15. Pork: Loins, Roasts... (49)
  16. Rabbit Recipes (21)
  17. Recipes for Cut Up Chickens (26)
  18. Tripe, Trotters, Liver... (29)
  19. Turkey (29)
  20. Waterfowl & Game Birds (29)
  21. Whole Chicken, Capon... (26)

In Italy hamburgers are called Svizzere. They were already quite common before companies like McD's began to introduce American-style fast food, and in every Italian supermarket and butcher's shop you will find a considerable variety of prepared burgers. Or, you can start from ground meat. Easy to do, and quite tasty!

Braciola - Cutlet, Scallop, or Rollup in English
The meaning of the Italian word Braciola depends upon geography. It is, universally, a slice of meat, but with that established the definitions diverge depending upon where one happens to be in Italy.

Camosci, Caprioli, Cervi, Daini, Stambecchi...
If you go up into the mountains in Italy you're certain to be offered game, for example venison, or mountain goat. How to enjoy it at home.

Cinghiale: Wild Boar
Italy has a vibrant wild boar population, and many recipes for preparing wild boar.

Ham Hocks, or:
Pork shanks, and pork hocks are quite tasty and quite economical, and perfect for slow-cooking in the winter months, when they will bring warmth to home and table.

Spicy Salt-Roasted Pork Loin, Illustrated
Since salt roasting draws moisture (and fat) from unprotected meats, you will need to lardon the loin with pancetta. The result is a delightfully moist pork roast, and a spicy horseradish sauce.

Spiedini, Or Italian Kebabs:
The classic Italian grigliata is a platter of mixed grilled meats. However, there are other options, including spiedini, or Italian kebabs. You can make them just as you like, and with spiedini you don't have to worry about something popular being snapped up before th platter makes full circle.

A Caccia! (Hunting!)
When I was little, my father and I used to join Italian friends on hunts. I was much too young to carry a gun, and my father had had enough of hunting by the time he left Vermont, so for us these were long walks in the countryside with the added bonus of bringing something home for the pot. Especially Pheasant. How to prepare it you catch it or are given a bird.

How to Stuff and Cook a Boned Chicken
Cooking a chicken once you have boned it is easy: you simply prepare the stuffing, stuff the bird, and cook it. But as is true always, there are a few tricks.

How to Bone a Chicken, Turkey, or Other Bird
Boning the bird is an important step in many recipes, and though butchers were quite willing to do it in the past, finding someone who will do it in a modern supermarket can be very difficult. Fortunately it's not too difficult, and this technique leaves the skin intact.

Salumi is the Italian word for cold cuts, which include salame (salami in English), prosciutto, pancetta, cured lard, and all sorts of other treats. A picture gallery to help you figure out what's in an Italian deli case, or what's on your plate when you come to visit.

Il Bollito Misto or Italian Boiled Dinner: What's On the Plate?
Bollito Misto is Boiled Dinner, and you might think it simple. And it is, in some ways, but it's also one of the tastiest, most satisfying north Italian meals going. Here's a look at what you'll find on your plate.

Agnello, Abbacchio e Capretto: Italian Lamb and Kid
Large sections of Italy, both in the mountainous north and the highlands of the south and the islands, are much better suited to sheep and goats than they are to cattle, and it therefore comes as no surprise that Italians have been tending flocks for thousands of years. In much of Italy, lamb and kid are among the most important meats,...

How to Chop Up Chicken
One of the easiest ways to save in a supermarket is to do the preparation yourself. Take chicken, for example: If you buy it cut up into serving-sized pieces it's going to cost significantly more than a whole chicken because the supermarket will pass on the cost of paying the person to cut up the bird in the back room. The obvious solution is to do it yourself.

La Festa Del Maiale, Celebrating the Pig
Butchering was once a seasonal activity in Italy, and the traditional time for butchering hogs was the fall. In part to be enjoyed immediately, and in part to be transformed into cold cuts that would keep year round.

Beef Fillet with Green Peppercorn Sauce
A simple recipe for Tuscan-style beef fillet with green peppercorn sauce.

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