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Salumi is the Italian word for cold cuts, which include salame (salami in English), prosciutto, pancetta, cured lard, sausages, mortadella, and all sorts of other treats. A picture gallery to help you figure out what's in an Italian deli case, or what's on your plate when you come to visit.
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Cinta Senese: Siena's classic heirloom pigLa Cinta SeneseBresaola: cured beef from the ValtellinaBresaolaCapocollo, or Coppa: Cured Pork Shoulder CapocolloZampone and Cotechino, stuffed pig's trotter and a sausage made from the same fillingZampone and Cotechino:
Salame ToscanoSalame ToscanoSopressa Vicentina, freshly madeFresh Sopressa VicentinaSeasoned Sopressa VicentinaSopressa VicentinaWild Boar Salamino and Lonzino, Cured Pork LoinWild Boar Salamino and Lonzino
Salame Felino: a pork salami from the town of Felino, in Emilia RomagnaSalame FelinoSalame Milanese: Fine grained, and with a mixture of beef and porkSalame MilaneseSalame Ungherese is a fine-grained mix of pork, pork fat, and beef, lightly smokedSalame Ungherese Salamino Piccante: PepperoniSalamino Piccante

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