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A Tuscan Salami Made With Fennel


Finocchiona is a Tuscan salami made with fennel

Finocchiona is a Tuscan salami made with fennel

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Finocchiona is a variation on salami that supposedly owes its origins to a thief at a fair near the town of Prato, who stole a fresh salami and hid it in a stand of wild fennel. When he returned for it he discovered it had absorbed the aromas of its hiding place and had become fit for the Gods.

There are two kinds of finocchiona.
  • One is called finocchiona, and is shown here; it's made of finely ground pork and fat, laced with fennel, and aged for a while; it's fairly firm.
  • The other is called sbriciolona, a word that means crumbly, and though the mixture is the same it's much fresher -- so fresh that it simply crumbles unless sliced about a half inch thick. A good sbriciolona is an amazing treat, especially on a slice of schiacciata.
How to make finocchiona
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