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Seasoned Sopressa Vicentina

Seasoned Sopressa Vicentina

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Sopressa alla Vicentina is a close cousin of salame: unlike salame, which is made from good cuts of pork that don't have other uses, however, sopressa is made with just about everything: the hams, shoulders, sides, and so on. About the only thing that doesn't go into it is the skin. Because of this, making sopressa requires at least a half a pig, and is not something most people would be able to tackle at home.

This is an aged sopressa, the last one left from the previous year, and will be wonderful sliced. It was made by Antonio and Simone, master norcini (cold cut makers) and close friends of Carlo Sitizia and Michela Chiaroloaro, the couple that owns and runs Palazzetto Ardi, an organic farm and agriturismo in the Vicentino.

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