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Venezia: A Carnival Mask

Venezia: A Carnival Mask

  • La Grande Lasagna di Carnevale
    A spectacular, sumptuous Neapolitan Carnival dish that will stun your guests and take you all of Lent to recover from. But it's worth it!
  • Lasagne alla Ricotta
    More Neapolitan extravigance, a wonderful winter dish that will again stun your guests and take you all of Lent to recover from.
  • Pasticcio di Maccheroni
    Artusi's version of a rich Emilian Carnival dish.
  • Pizza Sfogliata con Salsiccia e Pancetta
    A sheet of dough, covered with sausage and pancetta, rolled up, coiled, and baked: Who could ask for more?
  • Cenci
    Or Frappe, or Chiacchere, or... Lots of names for this quick and tasty Carnival pastry.
  • Frittelle
    Quick, mouth-watering Carnival fritters for children of all ages.
  • Tortelli
    Tortelli come in all kinds... These derive from the pastries street vendors sold during the Baccanaliae, thousands of years ago.
  • Zipulas
    Saffron-laced Sardinian fritters.
  • Carteddate al Miele
    These fritters are similar to cenci, but are dipped in honey and laced with cinnamon.
  • Spirali alla Grappa
    Funnel pastries with a tasty raspberry sauce.
  • Chiacchere
    Tasty lemony fritters for Carnevale.
  • Frittelle di Mela alla Vaniglia
    Apple fritters with Vanilla: They're for Carnival, but don't let that stay you at other times of year.
  • Cannoli
    Palermo's glorious, ricotta filled wafers, which are a delight year round.
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