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Calabrian Grilled Kid -- Capretto alla Griglia
A simple, tasty Calabrian grilled kid recipe.

Spicy Lamb Catanzaro Style -- Avunu a Catanzarisi
Calabrian recipes tend to be zesty and this spicy lamb recipe is no excpetion; the richness of the meat is nicely balanced by the sharpness of the capers and anchovies, which will provide flavor and balance but not overshadow (encouragement for those wary of anchovies).

Kid Stewed with Onions And Peppers Neretese Style - Capra alla Neretese
Kid Neretese Style, or Capra alla Neretese: Kid, stewed with onions, hot, and regular peppers, is a specialty of the town of Nereto, near Teramo, in Abruzzi. The recipe will also work with lamb.

Lamb Stew with Bell Peppers Recipe - Agnello coi Peperoni
Though one perhaps thinks of potatoes in conjunction with stewing, they're not a requirement, and indeed this lamb stew with bell peppers is a very nice variation. The lamb stew with bell peppers recipe is from the Abruzzo.

Stewed Lamb with Olives Recipe - Agnello alle Olive
Lamb with Olives, or Agnello alle Olive: Lamb and olives are a fine combination, the bitterness of the olives nicely balancing the richness of the lamb to make a whole that's greater than the parts. This lamb with olives recipe is from the Abruzzo.

Stewed Lamb Farmer's Style - Agnello alla Contadina
Lamb, Farmer's Style, or Agnello alla Contadina: Lamb stew is tremendously satisfying, and there are a great many variations on the theme. This particular recipe is from the Abruzzo.

Spicy Stewed Lamb Recipe - Agnello all'Arrabbiata
Spicy Lamb, or Agnello all'Arrabbiata: Though the word arrabbiata means angry in general use, in cooking it usually means that the dish contains hot pepper. This particular recipe is from the Abruzzo.

Lamb with Saffron - Agnello allo Zafferano
Lamb with Saffron, or Agnello allo Zafferano: Easter dinner wouldn't seem quite right without lamb in Italy. Much is roasted, but some people like to stew it instead; this is a Sardinian recipe that gains grace from a little saffron. To serve 6:

Scottadito alla Diavola - Lamb Chops Alla Diavola
Agnello Scottadito, which translates as finger-burning lamb, gets its name from the fact that the chops are so tasty people can't wait for them to cool, and thus burn their fingers. It can happen. Chef Alessio Pesucci, of the Locanda il Gallo in Chiocchio, a town about 15 miles outside Florence, serves his alla Diavola, with a hot sauce that adds a very nice touch.

Kid Cacciatora Style - Capretto alla Cacciatora
There are many recipes for things alla cacciatora, which (in this use) refers to a seasoning mix containing garlic, rosemary, and (usually) vinegar. In this recipe from Trentino Alto Adige we have lemon juice instead. Though the recipe calls for kid, you could also use lamb.

Sardinian Stuffed Leg of Lamb - Coscia Prena
It's difficult to overstate the importance of shepherding in the Sardinian economy, even now that the island is a magnet for tourists who flock to the coastal towns -- inland it's just as dry and barren as it ever was, and the animals that thrive best are sheep. Hence Sardinia's renowned pecorino cheese (they make both pecorino sardo and the saltier pecorino romano), Sardinian wool (my father collected Sardinian rugs), and -- of course -- lamb. Here we have a leg, stuffed.

Lamb with Potatoes and Fennel - Agnello Con Finocchi e Patate
This is an old, and very simple recipe from the Abruzzo, and also quite delicate; fennel adds a delightful hint of anise freshness to the dish, while the olives also contribute.

Nonna Guli's Stewed Lamb - L'Agnello Della Nonna Guli
My mother-in-law usually roasts lamb (well done, which is what Italians like, and if you don't like rare lamb, I suggest you try it because I much prefer it the Italian way), but my father-in-law had a hankering for what his Mom used to do, so Graziella stewed it instead. The recipe is very much oral, in the tradition of home recipes, and quantities are rather approximate.

Roast Lamb - L'Agnidde o' Furne
Roast Lamb, or L'Agnidde o' Furne: This is very simple, but very good, and is one of the classic elements of a Christmas Day meal in Altamura, a town in northwestern Puglia.

Lamb with Black Olives - Agnello con le Olive Nere
Lamb with Black Olives, or Agnello con le Olive Nere: Versilia, being a coastal plain, has lots of fish recipes. However, it's bounded by steep mountains, the Alpi Apuane, which provide all sorts of bounty from the land, including lamb.

Roast Lamb or Kid Rocca Priora Style - Abbacchio al Forno alla Maniera di Rocca
Rome is known for kid and suckling lamb, and this is perhaps the most Roman way to prepare kid or suckling lamb. Rome in the kitchen!

Grilled Lamb Chops -- Agnello Scottadito
Grilled Lamb Chops, or Agnello Scottadito: few things are as tasty as a grilled lamb chop, and these grilled lamb chops from the Marche are called scottadito (finger burning) because you won't wait for them to cool before you dig in.

Roman-Style Lamb - Abbacchio alla Romana
Roman-Style Lamb, or Abbacchio alla Romana: This is one of the quintessential spring dishes in the Capital of Italy, and well worth getting excited over. Don't let the presence of anchovies throw you; they serve primarily as salt and will blend into the flavors of the dish quite well, balancing the richness of the lamb.

Roast Kid or Lamb -- Capretto o Agnello al Forno
The trick to spit-roasting kid or lamb is to take your time: You'll obtain extraordinarily tender roast kid or roast lamb.

Shepherd's Lamb with Onions: Agnello alla Pecorara Con Cipolle
The Abruzzo is a wild land, and in the past much of the inland population depended upon their flocks of sheep for survival. This is a modern, more elaborate Abruzzese stewed lamb with onions.

Friulian Leg Of Lamb, or Agnello alla Friulana
Friuli Venezia Giulia is in many ways distinct from the rest of Italy: tomato is much less popular, and one encounters cinnamon and other spices that are perhaps more common in Mittel-European cooking. The region was, after all, long an Austro-Hungarian province.

Dr. Stu's Scottadito, Lamb Chops with Yogurt Sauce
Stuart Borken is a doctor by training, but a cook by passion, and has shared some wonderful recipes with us over the years . This is his take on scottadito, or grilled lamb chops, which he serves with a refreshingly minty yogurt sauce.

Lamb Pugliese Style: Agnello alla Pugliese
Lamb stew is a natural, and there are many variations. This particular lamb stew is from Puglia.

Lamb Chops Calabrian Style: Costolette alla Calabrese
There are a number of variations on Calabrian lamb chops, which seem to have bell pepper as a common thread. Carlo Midione gives a version with artichokes in his The Food of Southern Italy, while this version instead adds green olives.

Kid Gambellara Style, or Cavreto de Gambellara
Kid Gambellara Style, or Cavreto de Gambellara: According to Amedeo Sandri, Gambellara is known for two things: Its wines, and stewed kid, which is marinated, shaped into a ring, put whole in a large copper pot, slowly cooked atop a wood-fired stove. The result is nicely browned, but also extraordinarily tender. Mr. Sandri instead prefers to spit roast his kid, burning hardwood to obtain the coals that supply the heat.

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