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Quick Italian Recipes


A number of years ago my father was bet that he couldn't prepare an entire meal, from antipasto to dessert, in the space of an hour. He won, and it was tasty too. Here's a selection of recipes for when you're in a hurry, which will take less than 30 minutes from start to finish.


An Antipasto Misto
A mixture of pickled vegetables that will require a stop at the deli, but is very quick to set out.

Affettati Misti
A platter of mixed cold cuts -- another stop at the deli -- but again very quick to set out.

Sedanini alla Spuma di Formaggio
Celery boats with a creamy cheese foam make a perfect antipasto.

Caper Crostini
Quick, easy, and zesty -- ideal before the meal, or to perk flagging appetites during.

A Crostini Collection
3 easy fish crostini, and one with the "poor man's caviar" -- black olives.

Spuma di Prosciutto
A light paté made with ham that's perfect on toasted bread.

Scampi Al Ghiaccio
Very fresh scampi, cooked and chilled, are a great treat.

Spiedini di Albicocca al Prosciutto
Dried apricots contrast beautifully with prosciutto.

Prosciutto e Melone
Slice, seed, and peel a well-chilled cantaloupe, and serve it with freshly sliced prosciutto. Perfect summer fare.

One of the nicest things that can happen to sliced bread.

A thinly sliced frittata is a wonderful appetizer. Here are general instructions and several varieties.

A big bowl of fresh, tasty chopped raw vegetables served with oil and vinegar that your guests can mix and season to taste in their own little bowls makes for a perfect antipasto or side dish.

Insalata di Grana Padano
An interesting salad made with potatos, apples and flakes of cheese. As well as whatever else you fancy.

Insalata Di Radicchio Rosso di Treviso
In small portions this will be a mouthwatering beginning to a meal.

Isalata Caprese
Or, Mozzarella and tomatoes: In small portions this is a nice summer appetizer; in larger amounts it is refreshing summer meal or fine picnic food.

Friselle coi Pomodori
Friselle, a special type of Puglian bread, are divine with fresh tomatoes and make a perfect light meal.

A Roman chicory salad with a hearty garlicky sauce.

Insalate Romane
A variety of Roman salads, some cooked and some raw, that are especially refreshing in summer.

A Light Euro Dinner
A light, quick vegetable-based meal for two that's a perfect way to break the ice, from my review of Eat Dangerously!

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