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Pasta Recipes and Sauces

Pasta comes in an amazing variety of shapes and forms, which can be sauced in an equally varied number of ways, from refreshing pesto to hearty meat or Alfredo. And then there are the stuffed and baked varieties, gnocchi, and sauces that will work well in other parts of the meal...
  1. Baked Pasta (55)
  2. Cream sauces (31)
  3. Fish Sauces for Pasta (42)
  4. Gnocchi (30)
  5. Lemons, Onions, Garlic, Etc (20)
  6. Lighter Meat Sauces (27)
  7. Meatless Stuffed Pasta (30)
  8. Meaty Stuffed Pasta (28)
  9. Miscellaneous First Courses (37)
  10. Mushroom Sauces (13)
  11. Pasta Basics (17)
  12. Rich Red Sauces (42)
  13. Sauces and Condiments (54)
  14. Shellfish Sauces (29)
  15. Summer Green Vegetable (35)
  16. Thick Meat Sauces (36)
  17. Tomatoey Pasta Sauces (23)
  18. Winter Green Vegetable (29)

The Pasta Shapes Gallery
There are a great many kinds of pasta in Italy. Here's an expanding list of the most popular kinds, with suggested recipes, possible substitutions, and alternate names for them.

The Pasta Shapes Glossary
Pasta comes in all sorts of shapes, which are similar but not completely interchangeable. A photographic golssary, with recipe suggestions for the various kinds.

On Cooking and Serving Pasta
Cooking pasta is quick enough, and easy enough, that one can reduce the process to a quick set of steps. However, as with all simple things, there's more to the subject if you look at it closely, and if you keep a few simple rules in mind you will achieve much better results.

How to Cook Pasta
From pot to plate in a few quick, easy steps.

Home Made Pasta
Making pasta at home takes effort, but can be lots of fun.

Pasta Salads
Refreshing when it's hot, and perfect at a picnic or barbecue.

Pasta: Sauce or Gravy? Or Ragú?
Some call the sugo they put over their pasta sauce, and others gravy. What do you call it?

Lasagna & other Baked Pastas
Lasagna is the best-known baked pasta, but there's quite a bit of variety: timballos, timpanos, and much more.

Pasta alla Primavera: What do You Put In It?
There's no set recipe for pasta alla primavera: One makes it by selecting the vegetables one likes from what are available. Some people use zucchini, other asparagus, tomatoes, or eggplant, and so on. What do you put into your primavera sauce?

About Ravioli, Tortellini, And Other Kinds of Stuffed Pasta
Almost every region of Italy has some form of stuffed pasta. A quick overview and many recipes.

Pasta al Forno, or: Baked Pasta
As anyone who visits Italy rapidly realizes, pasta may be the national dish, but it's not a monolith: In adapting it to suit local traditions and ingredients, the cooks of the Peninsula have produced an infinite variety of forms and preparation methods. This is especially true for baked pasta, where the kind of pasta used and the sauces used to season it vary greatly from place to place.

Cooking Pasta: How Much Water?
Given the current crisis, people are looking for ways to save, and cooking pasta in less water is one possibility. It works, though the texture of the pasta cooked this way is less chewy than that cooked in the standard gallon of boiling water per pound of pasta.

Pasta al Cartoccio
Baking pasta in an aluminum foil packet may sound odd, but it's guaranteed to stun your guests. And romantic as well.

Pasta: Sauce or Gravy?
Pasta: Sauce or Gravy? Or rag? No matter what you call it, it's satisfying.

Spring Greens Pasta Salad (Insalata di pasta al verde)
Italian recipe for a green springtime pasta salad (Insalata di pasta al verde).

Baked Pasta with Mortadella (Maccheroni alla mortadella al forno)

Spaghetti with Garlic, Chili Pepper & Tomatoes "alle Campane"

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