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Polenta Recipes

Polenta translates as corn meal mush, but it's much more. It's the staple food of the north, where it still outshines pasta, and can be served in innumerable ways, as a first course, baked, with stews, or even as a bread substitute.

Polenta, Angelo e Demone
Most People Think Of Pasta As The Quintessential Italian Dish, and this is true for much of the Peninsula, especially the south. Polenta, on the other hand, was the staple food of the poor in the North, especially those living out in the country. And it's still a staple today, North Italians still eat it today, because it' very tasty, extremely...

How to Make Polenta: The Video
Rachel Edelman adds a couple of steps I hadn't thought of to making polenta -- she moistens the cornmeal, to reduce the formation of lumps, and turns it out into a bowl to shape it before serving it. The results will be good.

Cheesy Polenta Mushroom Casserole - Polenta Con Fontina e Funghi
Polenta and cheese are a wonderful combination, and if you work in wild mushrooms, the resulting polenta casserole becomes downright heavenly. I wouldn't do this with champignons, because they aren't flavorful enough. Rather a mixture of mushrooms, for example chanterelles, cremini, and portabella mushrooms.

Puré di Fave, Fava Bean Puree
Dried Fava beans are a winter staple in Puglia. In the past, plain fava bean puree would have been the simplest of peasant foods. Now, it will be a pleasant frugal first course, and could also work as a side dish with a stew.

Polenta and Black Leaf Kale - Polenta e Cavolo Nero
Though Italians generally associate cavolo nero with Tuscany, it's grown throughout the land, and this recipe is from the Valle d'Aosta. It's generally served as a one-course meal.

Savoy Cabbage and Sausages - Verze e Luganega
Savoy Cabbage with Sausages, or Verze e Luganega, is a classic north Italian winter dish, and though one might class it as a vegetable, it is actually a superb accompaniment to polenta. You'll find variations on this dish throughout the north; this particular interpretation is from the Veneto. Regular mild link sausages will work fine if you don't have Luganega sausage.

Polenta and Herring -- Polenta e Scopeton
Polenta and Herring, or Polenta e Scopeton: Polenta with a little fish was one of the mainstays of the diet of the poor in northern Italy; I have talked to Piemontesi who remember their parents hanging a salted anchovy over the table when they were little, and using it to season firm polenta by rubbing the slices against the anchovy. Gently, to make the anchovy last for more than one meal. In the Vicentino, on the other hand, they used salted or smoked herring, and chopped it up.

The pasta of the North and then some, it's amazingly versatile, and perfect for important occasions or every day meals.

Classic Ligurian frugal peasant food, a polenta made from chickpea flour that will make a satisfying, simple meal.

A Gibraltarian variation on Panissa that was likely brought by Ligurian sailors.

Sea Scallops and Mushrooms over Polenta
A tasty recipe from Sturat Borken.

Polenta Ring with Tiny Octopus Recipe - Anello di Polenta con Moscardini
White polenta is delicately flavored and thus a perfect foil for fish. In this case tasty stewed Moscardini, a smaller kind of octopus.

Polenta alla Sarda
A hearty, rustic Sardinian polenta dishe with cheese and tomato sauce; combined with a tossed salad it will be a perfect meal.

Gnocchi di Polenta con Parmignao, Burro e Prosciutto
These are a refreshing change from regular gnocci, and will be an excellent wintery first course, or go well with a roast.

Frittelle di Polenta alla Lodigiana
Tasty polenta fritters filled with prosciutto and cheese. The perfect tidbit!

Polenta Pasticciata alla Tirolese
A zesty baked polenta with anchovies that's very refreshing in summer.

Polenta Pasticciata alla Lombarda
A rich baked polenta with cheese that will help keep the chill of winter at bay.

Polenta Pasticciata con le Salsicce
Baked polenta with sausages, a tasty alternative for a quick luncheon, or a simple dinner.

Polenta Pastizada Trionfo Friulana
An extraordinarily rich baked polenta, a perfect centerpiece for a festive meal.

Polenta Pasticciata alla Milanese
A rich, elegant baked polenta dish with meat and mushrooms to keep winter at bay.

Bue Brasato con Gnocchi di Polenta
Elegant braised beef with polenta as a side dish.

Polenta Col Sugo di Coniglio
Polenta with stewed rabbit, an extremely tasty one-course meal.

Cinghiale fra Due Fuochi
Wild boar (or other game) marinated and stewed with the marinade, will work beautifully with polenta.

Pasticcio di Polenta e Gorgonzola
A hearty polenta dish that's perfect in winter.

Polenta alla Viandese
Polenta, seasoned with lemon zest, sugar, and fried: a traditional snack or breakfast in Mantova.

Polenta coi Fasoi
Polenta with beans, a tasty antipasto, or a nice accompaniment to a roast or stew.

Polenta e Osei Scappati
Polenta and the birds that got away -- a stew for when the hunters come up empty.

Polentone con Lumache
Snails and polenta, rustic fare for a Friday meal up in the mountains where there wasn't any fish. And instructions on preparing snails.

Ossa dei Morti
In parts of the Veneto region these cookies are made with a polenta-based dough.

Broccoli Rabe Polenta Lasagna
Thinly layered polenta with a hearty mix of veggies between the layers. Looks quite nice, from Ditty's Sunday Supper.

Torta Tricolore di Polenta alla Friulana
Simms Brannon's presentation of a dish "suitable for vegetarians but hearty enough for the biggest eaters." A a masterpiece of a dish, delightfully described.

Polenta and Black Leaf Kale Recipe - Polenta e Cavolo Nero
Though Italians generally associate cavolo nero with Tuscany, it's grown throughout the land, and this recipe is from the Valle d'Aosta. It's generally served as a one-course meal.

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