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Sapa - Concentrated Grape Must Recipe


Sapa is Concentrated Grape Must. Saith Artusi: Since its peculiar flavor is necessary in some dishes, sapa, which is none other than a grape syrup, has many uses in the kitchen. It's also always popular with children, who, during the winter, can improvise sherbets with it by mixing it with freshly fallen snow.


  • 5 1/2 pounds (2 1/2 k) perfectly ripe grapes


Artusi's instructions are succinct:
Crush some superior quality white grapes (ideally they should still be on the bunch), put the grapes and their juice in a bowl, and when the whole has fermented for about 24 hours, press and filter the must though a fine muslin bag into a pot. Set the must on the fire and boil it down for many hours, till it has reached the consistency of syrup, and bottle it.

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