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Italian Cuisine Truisms


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Veal Francese is Italian
Wrong. Kay Noble writes:
"David Rosengarten ... did an extensive search among Italian and American cookbooks for the Veal Francese (and Chicken Francese), dishes that became popular at Italian restaurants in the States in the 1950s. However, he found no recipes. He surmised the dishes were an Italian restaurateur's response to the popularity of all things French after WWII, a popularity derived from the decision of the French chefs who had come in 1939 to create the restaurant at the French Pavilion of the NYC Worlds Fair and got stuck here for the War's duration to open Le Pavilion, which became NYC's premier (French) postwar restaurant. Previously, most Italian restaurants in New York City had served "red sauce" with dishes. The new butter and wine sauce was lighter and fresher and thus dubbed "francese."

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