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Italian regional menus

Italian cooking is extremely varied, and many regions (and even towns) have specialties that are either intimately associated with them or simply unknown beyond their borders. Much to Discover!

Thinking about Brodetto:
Brodetto is the Riviera Romagnola's traditional fish stew, and as is true for all regional specialties, there are many local variations.

Picnic Foods and Other Cool Things
With the arrival of the summer months, Italians flee the cities whenever possible -- down to the shore to catch some rays, or up into the mountains to escape the heat. Food plays an important part in this, especially in escapes to the hills, where, come lunch time folding chairs, picnic tables, and coolers appear, and everyone settles in the...

Two at Once
Quick, easy pasta recipes that also yield a tasty sauce for the second course. Much better than going to a restaurant!

Della Cucina, Ossia: Gastronomia -- A Tavola con il Re
Giovanni Vialardo was Chef to the Kings of Italy in the 1860s, and his cookbook had a tremendous influence on the cooking of northern Italy. It also provides a fascinating picture of life at the time.

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