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Sicilian Cooking and Recipes

Because of its location, in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sicily was a magnet for seafaring peoples since the dawn of time, and has been ruled, among others, by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, and Spanish, all of whom have left their mark, both in the island's soul and in the cuisine, which is one of Italy's most lavishly elegant and refined.
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La Cucina Trapanese
Trapani, Sicily's westernmost city, has a rich heritage and an extremely varied cuisine.

La Cucina Eoliana e Siciliana
The cooking of the Aeolian Islands and Sicily. An Interesting, comprehensive site dedicated to one of the prettiest archipelagos of the Mediterranean.

Pasticciotti Casalinghi
Pasticciotti Casalinghi: I've been getting requests for pasticciotti, which are holiday cookies filled with jam, for quite some time, and failing to find recipes -- this occasionally happens, either because the name used in Italy is different or because Italians take them for granted and therefore don't include them in cookbooks. So imagine my delight when Annita posted a recipe on the forum! It was in Italian, so I've translated it, together with her observations, and here it is.

Tuna Matalotta Style, With Tomatoes Recipe - Tonnu a la Matalotta
Tuna Matalotta Style, or Tonnu a la Matalotta: This recipe for tuna stewed with tomatoes is from the Favigiana area in Sicily, and should serve 6.

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