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Meatless Stuffed Pasta Recipes - Italian Meatless Stuffed Pasta

Stuffed pasta goes way back, and is incredibly varied, from simple triangles stuffed with ricotta to towering masterpieces such as lobster-filled ravioli with a radicchio sauce. Lots of variety, and here we concentrate on Vegetarian stuffed pasta.

About Cannelloni
Also known (in the US) as manicotti, these are a relatively recent development. And good too.

About Ravioli and other Stuffed Pasta
The tradition goes tremendously far back.

Alessio's Crespelle alla Fiorentina
Crespelle, as one might guess, is the Italian word for crepes, and they go back a very long ways. They also look beautiful, and are quite easy to make, once you have the hang of it, and are therefore the sort of thing that people will think you have gone to great deal more effort to make than you have. In short, the perfect beginning to a Sunday dinner or holiday meal, or something to serve company.

Alessio's Crespelle alla Fiorentina - An Illustrated Baked Pasta Recipe
Crespelle, as one might guess, is the Italian word for crepes, and they go back a very long ways. They also look beautiful, and are quite easy to make, once you have the hang of it, and are therefore the sort of thing that people will think you have gone to great deal more effort to make than you have. In short, the perfect beginning to a Sunday dinner or holiday meal, or something to serve company.

Black Porcini Ravioli with Quattro Formaggi Sauce
A libidinous recipe from the folks at Eat Dangerously.com. (Warning: some may find the language on this site objectionable.)

Butternut Squash Tortellini with a Walnut Sauce
From a neat site called Ditty's Sunday Supper. Has nice illustrations of the procedure.

Cannelloni with Olives and Bell Peppers -- Cannelloni con Peperoni e Olive
Cannelloni with Olives and Bell Peppers, or Cannelloni con Peperoni e Olive: Cannelloni (also known as manicotti in some parts of the world) are generally made with meat based fillings, or so has been my experience. However, vegetarian fillings can be just as tasty, and in the warmer months will be more refreshing as well.

Ciaroncie Della Val di Fassa - Ravioli From the Val Di Fassa
Ciaroncie are a specialty of the Ladini, an ethnic minority that settled in Trentino's Val di Fassa centuries ago. The filling is as a rule di magro -- meatless -- with wild spinach and cheese, though some use potatoes instead of spinach. The pasta is also distinctive, made from a mixture of soft wheat flour and rye flour, and this gives the...

Cheese Filled Agnolotti -- Agnolotti ai Formaggi
Agnolotti (pronounced anneeolottee) are a Piemontese stuffed pasta; the filling is generally meat-based, and the meats are often leftovers. But not always; there are also agnolotti with a ricotta-based filling, seasoned with unsalted butter and fresh sage. Very nice, and here's a recipe. In the absence of Piemontese cheeses use a mix of fairly mild cheeses, at least some of which become creamy as they melt.

Conchiglioni Stuffed with Peas -- Conchiglioni Ripieni ai Piselli
Conchiglioni Stuffed with Peas, or Conchiglioni Ripieni ai Piselli: Conchiglioni are large snail shell-shaped pasta that is thick sided and has an ample cavity, which is ideal for stuffing. In this case with ricotta and peas. You could also use the filling for cannelloni.

Etruscan Style Cannelloni -- Cannelloni all'Etrusca
I also got a request for "Mushroom tortellini in Fontina Sauce like the stuff the Olive Garden used to serve. It's tortellini with mushrooms, diced ham, and peas in a white cheese sauce that we believe is called fontina cheese sauce. I first had this dish when I was stationed in Germany. The stuff the O. G. served was the closest I could ever find." Alas, I haven't succeeded in finding a mushroom-based filling for tortellini. I have, however, found cannelloni with mushrooms.

Fagottini Stuffed with Steamed Carrots and String Beans
Fagottini Stuffed with Steamed Carrots and String Beans, or Fagottini di Fagiolini e Carotine al Vapore: Fagottini are square pasta-filled packets that are similar to ravioli, but easier to make. In this case they're filled with steamed greens and ricotta.

An easy stuffed pasta destined to become a standby

Fregnacce: This extraordinarily simple pasta dish from the Marche has a punch. Quite a bit of a punch, and some serve it with a little bit of broth for those unused to sharp flavors or spicy foods. It's now considered poor mountain cuisine, but I wonder how poor it was in the past when pepper was expensive. What it was, and is, is stimulating, a zesty dish that will perk up the digestion, and if eaten under the proper circumstances, much more.

Grandma Ersilia's Ravioli -- Ravioli di Nonna Ersilia
Grandma Ersilia's Ravioli: This is an interesting, and somewhat unexpected recipe from the Abruzzo region. It's typical of around Tronto, and should be sweet but not overly so. To serve 4-5.

Neapolitan fried ravioli.

Ravioli with a chestnut flour filling, from my review of Richard Sidoli's Cooking of Parma.

Ravioli and Crescione Pie -- Ravioli Pasticciati col Crescione
Ravioli and Crescione Pie, or Ravioli Pasticciati col Crescione: If you have leftover ravioli, what could be better than baking them in a tasty cheesy pie? You may even find yourself boiling up some ravioli to enjoy it when you have no leftovers handy.

Ravioli Liguri
This is the original Ligurian recipe, which doesn’t call for any meat at all -- mostly greens, and some cheese.

Ravioli Pesaresi
Ravioli Pesaresi: Tasty spinach-and-ricotta ravioli that gain grace from lemon zest and herbs.

Ravioli Stuffed with Ricotta -- Ravioli di Ricotta
Artusi, the late dean of Italian gastronomes, after discussing ravioli notes that his native Romagnans, “because the climate requires a very substantial diet, and perhaps because they’re used to hearty food, are as enthusiastic about cooked vegetables as they are about having smoke blown in their eyes;” he goes on to suggest that Ravioli di...

Recioto, and Tortelli di Zucca
Recioto della Valpolicella is a rich, sweet Veronese wine that Roman aristocrats eagerly sought out 2000 years ago. It's popularity has waned of late in favor of Amarone, but it remains one of the finest accompaniments for cheeses one could think of, and is also spectacular with sweeter dishes, such as Tortelli di Zucca, which have a sweet...

Ricotta Calzoncelli, Calzoncelli di Ricotta
This simple stuffed pasta is from the Murge, the wild high plains inland of Bari, in Puglia.

Sardinian Ravioli with Greens -- Ravioli con Verdura
Ravioli with Greens, or Ravioli con Verdura: This is a Sardinian recipe with an Italianicised title -- Alessandro Molinari Pradelli instead calls these Culingionis.

Scarafiuni are a ricotta-based stuffed pasta from Puglia, which work quite well with Puglia's hearty meat sauce.

To most Italians the word means slaps, but to Romans they are also ravioli with a pecorino romano and ricotta filling. Includes the address of an American supplier who ships ricotta.

Sicula's Ravioli with Squash
Sicula's Ravioli With Squash: Sicula kindly posted this recipe on the Forum, and has also given me permission to archive it. "I'm sorry I can't help you much with the pasta dough other than to advise that it should be made with eggs and rolled out super thin. The recipe for the filing makes enough to fill an amount of pasta made with 5 cups of flour and 5 eggs."

Spinach Ravioli, or Ravioli di Spinaci
This is an Italian Jewish recipe for ravioli, and since it is designed to be followed by dishes containing meat, it omits the cheese one often finds in green-based ravioli fillings, substituting for it with chicken breast or veal.

Spinach Roll: Salame di Spinaci
A sheet of pasta, spread with spinach and ricotta and rolled up: Elegant and ideal for a festive meal.

Sweet Potato Ravioli: Ravioli di Patata Americana
Stuart Borken's variation on butternut squash filled ravioli involves sweet potatoes.

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