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The Sformato

Versatile, Tasty... Who Could Ask For More


Making A Spinach Sformato: Enjoy!

Making A Spinach Sformato: Enjoy!

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Bill writes:
Please help us decipher this term, sformato. We've searched your site, and the web at large, for a definition, and come to you in email only as a last resort. The search results are bewildering, as it seems the term is applied, or misapplied?, to all sorts of dishes. A friend of - a food lover fanatic in Korea - has a recipe entitled simply "sformato" for a flourless cake from eggs, almonds, and oranges. Sicilian? More to the point, what's that got to do with the various timbales going by the same name? What does sformato mean literally and culinarily? Is it misapplied to a flourless cake? And where might this cake come from? We're lost and confused, any help appreciated.

When a person can't find an answer, it's time to write about the subject. Put simply, a sformato is similar to a soufflé, but is not as airy. Getting down to specifics, Antionio Piccinardi says, in his Dizionario della Gastronomia Italiana, that the word sformato derives from sformare, which means to unmold. The batter (for want of a better term) used to make a sformato almost always contains beaten eggs (one occasionally finds white sauce instead), though what else goes into the preparation is up to the cook.

Savory sformati can be made with vegetables, at which point they generally serve as side dishes or light entrees, or they can be made with pasta, potatoes, or rice, at which point they're generally set in ring molds and used to accompany stews, which go into the well. Sformati can also be sweet. In almost all cases they're served with sauces of one sort or another.

A simple concept, in short, but one that offers a great deal of room for experimentation and variation. A few observations:
  • Though one can put a sformato into the oven to set, the traditional method is a bagno Maria, i.e. over a double boiler, or with the mold immersed in water, because one doesn't want the mixture to stiffen or form a hard crust.
  • The Italians have adopted the French term Flan to mean sformato, though in France a flan also has a crust.
  • In terms of texture, a sformato is not as airy as a soufflé. Because of this, one need not worry about its collapsing.
Never Made a Sformato?
Alessio pesucci's Spinach Sformato, Step by Step.

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A Few Things Off The Net:

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