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Baby Zucchini

And Zucchini Blossoms!


Baby Zucchini, with Blossoms

Baby Zucchini, with Blossoms

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Zucchini were, in the past, the quintessential Italian summer vegetable: Tiny, flavorful baby zucchini of the sort pictured here (with their blossoms) would appear in the markets in mid-spring, to be joined by larger zucchini by early summer, and both remained a fixture of the Italian table throughout the rest of the summer months. In many ways the situation is unvaried today; though hothouses have made zucchini available year-round, those that ripen during the summer are much more flavorful than the force-grown varieties, and consequently Italians buy zucchini primarily in the summer.

Zucchini are the basis for all sorts of dishes, from pasta sauces to main courses. As a general rule you should select the smallest possible zucchini that can be used for the recipe, because larger zucchini are less flavorful and can have bitter overtones. The round variety is especially suited for stuffing, though the elongate ones will also work well.

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