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Lattuga Romana

Romaine Lettuce


Lattuga Romana: Romaine Lettuce

Lattuga Romana: Romaine Lettuce

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Lattuga Romana, Romaine lettuce in English, is said to have been introduced to Europe through Rome, a very long time ago. The French call it Laitue Romaine, from hence its English name. It is low in calories, and rich in vitamins K, A and C; it also has significant amounts of a number of other vitamins and minerals, and is rich in fiber. In short, it's good for you.

As a general rule, Italians add add Romaine lettuce to salads, either Insalata Verde, tossed green salads, or to insalate miste, green salads with tomatoes, carrots, raddishes and similar, in either case dressed with olive oil, vinegar, and salt (no pepper, usually).

Romaine lettuce can also be cooked, rather like radicchio, and because of the shape of the leaves is well suited for making wraps.

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