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Vegetarian Risotti

If meaty risotti are hearty, and fish risotti are delicate, vegetarian risotti cover the entire spectrum, from the heartiness of porcini or asparagus to the delicacy of leeks or zucchini flowers, and also bring the seasons into play, with warmth in the winter and refreshing lightness in the summer.

Walnut Risotto Recipe - Risotto alle Noci
With the arrival of September we enter walnut season, and even though they are available year round, fresh walnuts are nicer, and make for a simple, very tasty vegetarian fall risotto.

Rosemary Risotto Recipe - Risotto al Rosmarino
Risotto is generally seasoned with some sort of meat or vegetable, or something creamy. But there are other options, and a risotto seasoned with rosemary will have a delightful woodsy feel and provide a nice change of pace.

Rosemary Blossom Risotto Recipe - Risotto ai Fiori di Rosmarino
Rosemary bushes flower repeatedly during the year, and their deep blue blossoms are both tasty and healthy. And very nice in this risotto.

Rice and Savoy Cabbage Venetian Style - Risi E Verze Alla Veneziana
The Venetians introduced rice, which they got from the Arabs, to northern Italy, and developed a number of dishes that combine rice with other ingredients; the best known is Risi e Bisi, Rice & Peas, which was only prepared when the Doge (Venice's ruler) allowed. Risi e Verze, Rice & Savoy Cabbage, is a bit more plebian, and simple winter fare.

Apple Risotto Recipe - Risotto alle Mele - Apple Risotto Recipe
Apples are extraordinarily versatile in the kitchen, and though they are most commonly associated with pork in savory dishes (in Italy too), they work quite nicely in this apple risotto, which is certain to delight children of all ages.

Pear and Sage Risotto, Risotto Con Pere e Salvia
Sage has a freshness to it that will make it work well with flavorful pears too, and here we have it in a risotto.

Squash Risotto - Risotto alla Zucca
Risotto made with winter squash is extremely popular in north Italy during the colder months. Little wonder, because a good winter squash has a delightful tangy sweetness to it, while the risotto has a libidinously creamy texture. Perfect on a cold, gray winter day!

Bell Pepper and Gorgonzola Risotto - Risotto al Peperone e Gorgonzola
The combination of bell peppers and Gorgonzola cheese works surprisingly well, and is frankly libidinous in this recipe, which if halved, will be perfect for a romantic occasion. And once you've had it, you'll want to invite friends to enjoy it too.

Zucchini Flower Risotto with Prosecco -- Risotto ai Fiori di Zucca al Prosecco
Zucchini Flower Risotto with Prosecco, or Risotto ai Fiori di Zucca al Prosecco: In spring Italian markets fill with brilliant gold zucchini flowers, and here is a recipe for a risotto with zucchini flowers and Prosecco that will be quite nice in a romantic meal.

Rice with Turnips Milanese Style -- Riso con le Rape alla Milanese
Rice with Turnips Milanese Style, or Riso con le Rape alla Milanese: "Here's a refined dish, thats perfect for coddling our stomachs after a banquet or other event that has tried our digestions," writes Adriano De Carlo in Cazzoeùla, busècca, òss bùs... e altre 97 ricette lombarde. "Indeed, if you have overdone things, rice with turnips is the best thing you can cook in memory of your excesses: It will restore you."

Risotto for the Malcontent -- Risotto per i Malcontenti
Risotto for the Malcontent, or Risotto per i Malcontenti: Though the title might strike one as odd, it's apt, as it will make things look better, as I discovered one night that I was decidedly grumpy.

Yellow Risotto with Finferli Mushrooms -- Risotto Giallo ai Finferli
Yellow Risotto with Finferli Mushrooms, or Risotto Giallo ai Finferli: Finferli are also known as chanterelles; they're mildly flavored, apricot-laced bright orange-yellow mushrooms whose caps bring to mind the mouths of trumpets. In their absence use mildly flavored wild mushrooms.

Lemon Risotto with Pomegranates -- Risotto al Limone con Melagrana
Lemon Risotto with Pomegranates, or Risotto al Limone con Melagrana: Risotto with lemon and pomegranate, a pretty holiday dish.

Indian Rice with Shallots and Zucchini Recipe
Indian Rice with Shallots and Zucchine, or Riso all'Indiano con Scalogni e Zucchine: An Italian preparation with Basmati rice? Here we go, from the pages of an old cooking magazine. To be frank, there isn’t much that's Indian here, but it is what they call it, and it does look nice.

Red Radicchio Risotto -- Risotto al Radicchio Rosso di Verona
Red Radicchio Risotto, Risotto al Radicchio Rosso di Verona: The red radicchio of the Veneto is one of the great glories of the winter months, and a perfect reason to eagerly await cold weather. It's wonderful grilled, and is also very nice in risotto, either with other ingredients (for example, risotto with red radicchio and scampi), or by itself, as here.

Rice and Dried Chestnuts -- Riso e Castagne
Rice and Dried Chestnuts, or Riso e Castagne: This is a classic peasant dish from the Valle D'Aosta, which combines a little luxury -- the rice -- with chestnuts, which were a mainstay in the diet of the rural poor throughout the mountainous regions of Italy.

Rice & Peas -- Risi e Bisi
Rice & Peas, or Risi e Bisi: Dana says, "I am looking for a recipe that is made with rice, peas, salt pork and chicken broth. I got it from a friend who got it from his Italian father. Unfortunately, I don't know the real name for this dish because my friend always uses his childhood pronunciation of "Rizibizi peas." It is probably something like Riso e Biso? But I don't speak Italian well, so I'm not sure."

Lentil Risotto -- Risotto con le Lenticchie
Risotto con le Lenticchie -- Lentil Risotto -- Risotto con le Lenticchie -- Lentil Risotto

Risotto with Bell Peppers -- Risotto con i Peperoni
Risotto with Bell Peppers: This is a specialty from Voghera, a city in the southern side of the Po Valley, between Piacenza and Alessandria. The region is famed for its peppers, which are also very good grilled with bagna caoda.

Risotto with Beans -- Risotto coi Fagioli
Risotto with Beans: This is similar to risotto rustì but has tomato and pancetta added. If you cannot find borlotti, which are known as Cranberry Beans in the US (they're medium sized, and light tan with abundant brown spots), use kidney beans or Mexican black beans, which look very different but are similar in flavor. The recipe is Lombard.

Rice and Zucchini -- Riso e Zucchine
Rice and Zucchini: This is not a risotto in the strict sense of the term -- it should come out not so liquid as a soup, but with some liquid to it, and be eaten with a spoon. Artusi notes that the "rice shouldn't be too soupy, nor should the zucchini be cooked till they fall apart."

Risotto with Raisins -- Risotto con le Uvette
"This," writes Mira Sacerdoti, "is an old Venetian recipe much loved by children. Grandma Rina used to make it often for her grand children, who would set the raisins aside as they ate it and count them afterwards to see who had the most. There were no prizes, but the children had a wonderful time and always finished the risotto on their plates."

Rice with Basil and Tomatoes -- Riso con Basilico e Pomodori
Tomatoes, basil and rice go perfectly together and make for a delightfully refreshing summer dish.

Radicchio Risotto with Scampi -- Risotto di Radicchio di Treviso e Scampi
The sweetness of shrimp are nicely balanced by radicchio's bitterness in this risotto.

Asparagus Risotto, Risotto agli Asparagi
After a long cold winter, nothing announces spring quite so convincingly as a rich asparagus risotto.

Strawberry Risotto, Risotto alle Fragole
Risotto with strawberries may sound unlikely, but it's absolutely delicious. Two variations on the theme.

Mushroom Risotto: Risotto ai Funghi
A heavenly risotto made with porcini.

Rice Salad: Insalata di Riso
Chilled rice salad, wonderful in summer, and unbeatable on a picnic.

Garlic Rice: Riso all'Aglio
Rice with garlic, a simple, but satisfying garlic-lover's delight.

Rice with Pea Broth: Riso con Brodo di Piselli
A meatless Jewish variation on the rice of the Doges.

Risotto Rusti
A delicate risotto with beans from Lombardia.

Risotto with Milk and Beans: Risotto col Latte e Fagioli
Cooking rice in milk is the traditional way in Brianza, a section of Lombardia not far from Milano.

Creamy Corn Risotto
Unusual and not particularly Italian (Italians don't eat much corn except as polenta), but looks quite tasty. From Ditty's Sunday Supper.

Pumpkin Pie Risotto
An interesting, very different dessert.

Risotto with Caramelized Fennel, Asparagus and Orange
The sort of thing you'll find in an innovative restaurant, but it could be nice.

Zucchini Flower Risotto
Enough said.

Richly Aromatic Rice and Yogurt Casserole - Riso Profumato allo Yogurt
This ricey casserole with yogurt and eggplant will be nice as part of a light lunch or a side dish.

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