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Michela's Healthy Minestrone Recipe, Illustrated


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Michela's Healthy Minestrone: Enjoy!
Michela's Minestrone: Enjoy!

Michela's Minestrone: Enjoy!

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Ladle the soup into bowls and gently stir some pasta into each. Dust the bowls with grated cheese, and drizzle a little of the flavored olive oil over each. Serve, and enjoy!

With pasta and cheese is not the only way to serve Michela's soup, however. She had to go on an errand, and left us with a big tureen of soup. Her husband Carlo cubed some home-made whole wheat bread, browned the cubes in the flavored olive oil, and after ladling the soup into soup bowls garnished it with the croutons. Very nice, and we drank his Chardonnay with it as we sat on the patio and talked. A fine meal indeed!

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