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The Pasta Shapes Gallery

Infinite Variety!


The variety of pasta shapes in Italy is truly astounding -- every time I visit a supermarket I discover something new. This gallery has many common shapes, with recipes and substitution suggestions, and I will continue adding new shapes as they catch my eye.
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Tortiglioni: Larger and firmer than rigatoni, and perfect with rich, hearty chunky sauces, or bakedTortiglioniTaglierini are the finest of egg noodles, and perfect with creamy liquid sauces.TaglioliniTagliatelline: Finer than tagliatelle, they're also known as fettuccine.Tagliatelline or FettuccineTagliatelle: The classic egg noodles from Emilia Romagna, which are perfect with thick saucesTagliatelle
Rigatoni: Slender lined tubes, equally suited to thick sauces and baking.RigatoniRiccioli: Pasta curls that will nicely hold chunky sauces.RiccioliReginette: long strips with wavy edges that are perfect with rich sauces.ReginettePipette: Thinner than pipe, and firmer; they work well with creamy or chunky sauces.Pipette Rigate: Elbow Macaroni
Pipe: penne with a bend, for thick or chunky saucesPipeStelline: Tiny pasta stars for broths and clear soups.StellineSpaghettini: Finer than spaghetti; they cook faster and work well with more liquid sauces.SpaghettiniSpaghetti: The most classic of all pasta shapes works well with all kinds of sauces.Spaghetti

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